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Michael Jordan


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Michael Jordan – Best basketball player ever. Need I say more! This game needs characters with reset abilities!!!

Q- Pass [Energy = 10/20/30/40] [CD = 10/8/6/4] Michael passes the ball to an ally giving them a chance to hit the game winning three in the NBA finals. This increases their health/movement speed/attack speed by X.

W- Crossover [Energy = 10/20/30/40] [CD = 10/8/6/4] Michael steals movement speed from an enemy by breaking his ankles with a sick crossover. If an enemy is within X units of the crossover then he gets his ankles broken too and loses half of the movement speed.

E- Shoot [Energy = 10/20/30/40] [CD = 10/8/6/4] Michael shoves the opponent to the ground, kicks them in the face and hits a game winning shot from X distance.

R- SPACE JAM DUNK [Energy = 150/125/100] [CD = 60/40/20 if opponent isn’t killed] Michael leaps into the sky and DUNKS on opponents. If the opponent is killed then SPACE JAM DUNK is refreshed. If the entire team gets aced by SPACE JAM DUNK then the space jam theme song plays.


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