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Showcasing Zeratul Demigod + Ocelots


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Lately have been steadily losing interest in this game, so decided to play only my favorite heroes to keep things exciting. As such, I am effectively playing Zeratroll every game. This is by no means a special game, I get a high kdr and carry our team, and play quite well, but that should happen in any pub game, when playing zeratul. This is also a game showcasing the power of Demi-god, and a bit later, Ocelot's Revolver, when enemy heroes are close to creeps. Essentially, you get a kill, phase strike, attack once, dealing huge damage, then retreat back to the creep wave. Especially effective if creeps are low, because you just move towards them, and since they agro, the distance between you and them is closed in a second. You one shot a creep, phase strike again, dealing another demigod, phase strike, aa, and ocelot's proc, probably killing the target. A third time will probably kill even the tankiest heroes, if they do not use their spells to cc you.


No special moments, really, I am on the hunt all game long, and am dominating almost from the start (laning against raynor + enemy zera in mid, so that creates minor complications)

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