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3v5 Brine Replay


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Hooray, I will be the first to load a replay to this glorious new section of the forums. I'm not great and maybe could use some pointers. Thanks all!


Duration: 1:04


Brief Summary of the Match:

This was a pub match, so naturally one of my teammates left before anyone spawned in and another left shortly after leaving us in a 3v5. I soloed bottom lane to start and couldn't do much other than defend the tower and get an easy Egon kill. I failed my team a few times by being out of position and lost a few towers that way as well. My first death was after trying to save Kerri but she died and while I was fleeing the Vorpal came to my rescue but we both ended up dying. My second death was after I chose to push a lane instead of help take Levi and they ended up getting jumped by the enemy team. After they died I went to try to steal Levi and took a freebie Egon kill. I accidentally right clicked him when I meant to acid strike which resulted in using my ulti that I hoped to save so I could steal Levi, but in my attempt I failed and trapped myself. I don't think we ever took Aeon and Levi was contested entirely too late anyways.

TL;DR - Finished 20-2-19 and our team finished 45-26 but lost in the end.


Moments worth noting (Approximations):

12:15 We lose both our top and bottom tier 1 towers. I teleported at the wrong time and was unable to make it back to either tower.

14:00 2v3 in mid lane.

21:00 Team fighting. Grunty tried to escape but to no avail.

35:30 First GODLIKE!

40:00 First death. The Vorpal came to my aid and as I escaped he stayed. As a gentleman I went back and nobly fought by his side to the death.

42:00 A fortuitous team fight. Each member of my team left the battle with 1 kill and 2 assists.

49:00-53:00 Another team fight won. I sent Vorpal with Impact Dial to get in range of the fleeing Zeratul. TRIPLE KILL!!! Followed by a tower fail, I pull the Tassadar to help Kerri escape and the Vorpal eventually comes in and cleans up the rest.

57:00 Second GODLIKE! This is where I tried to steal Levi and failed.



Didn't ward at all.

Found myself out of position a few times.

Completely forgot about Aeon and Levi.

A little scotch was involved. :)




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