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[IMPORTANT] Replay Rules


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Welcome to the Replay Section, where you can share your favorite AoS matches! Here's a few things you should mention in your thread:


1. Duration:

2. Timeline for Interesting Event(s):

3. Brief Summary of the Match:

4. Replay Link:


- Relevant & appropriate thread titles.

- Replays to show bugs do not belong in this section; they belong to Bug Reporting.

- Only ONE replay for each thread. (Makes navigating easier).




Example: Uber Raynor!


1. Duration: 45 Minutes (Game Time)

2. Timeline for Interesting Events: 5:15; 14:22; 25:44; 39:50

3. Brief Summary of the Match: Raynor turns the game around in his favor. Always behind 5v5 battles silencing enemies, no deaths!


4. Replay Link: _______________________

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