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Axis IH's


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Hey all,


So this post is primarily for the mumble community, but for others who are interested in the IH scene as well.


There was a little bit of a problem today about IHs and available space. Apparently when we were running informal Axis IH's we skipped over some people in mumble who were waiting / wanting to play. I'd like to take this chance to apologize for that right away, and explain the situation a bit.


1) The majority of Axis people are new to mumble, and as such, we dont know who the flob's voice belongs to who. If you've been skipped over / want to play, please ask assertively and tell us who you are. We wont bite.


2) If you cant get a response, message either myself (Char Code #898 or add me) or TurtleER - as we are usually helping run and setup the IH's - and I'll see what I can do to get you in. Many times people will volunteer to rotate out, so there isnt a long wait.


3) You mumblers also might want to realize that there are 50 people in Axis, and it gets crowded in IHs fairly quickly. That being said, having mumble and Axis players in IHs is always a fun game and something I want to have happen more frequently.


4) I also realize that mumble is competative by nature, and IH's can get intense. I enjoy this, and I know many of you do as well. However, the IH experience in Axis is quite wide - someone have only played a few competative matches while others have been playing for quite awhile. That being said, if suggestions to play style need to be made, I might suggest they be made diplomatically. I've seen people in both Axis and mumble get a little rage-y, and while understandable, its not exactly conducive to the community.


This last post is for people who arent involved in the IH scence:


5) Get mumble and / or join Axis Arena. We're welcoming and do our best to get you involved. Feel free to message me even if I dont know you.


Also I'm not sure who threw this around on mumble earlier, but I really liked the idea of making sure mumble is one community, where we all "sort of" like each other, and not two separate communities that occasionally intermingle.


If I missed anything or you just want to call me a douche, feel free.



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like i said, its just growing pains. we've been at that stage before where theres 15-18 ppl on and a lot of ppl necessarily get left out just because number constraints. you guys are free to use mumble as you please, trolling/disruptive behavior asides - it's real purpose is just to foster a more dedicated and organized community for the devs to tap into for beta/balance input.



i think some mumblers are just unsure how to react to the large flux in that you/turtz/axis have brought in - and we aren't really used to being the, i guess, not being the overwhelming majority - or atleast not able to just assimilate you guys into what we have kinda traditionally made out to be "mumble", but some blend or another will happen pretty inevitably, so i'm personally not particularly worried.

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