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Voltron.Leo item build recommendations and suggestions


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Hi all:


I've recently taken an interest in Voltron.Leo, and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on item builds for this hero based on your past successful experiences (in either a public or in-house environment). I'm well aware that each game's item builds needs to be dynamically tailored to the context and situation of the game, but I'm looking for a base build that can be built or branched off of. I have also done some searches on these forums, but I'm now looking for updated builds if possible.


Voltron.Leo seems to be easily kited, and the fact that he is melee makes him extremely susceptible to crowd-control and any subsequent burst damage. However, his ultimate makes him a powerhouse if he is able to unleash his full-damage potential (especially if he is built with a focus on INT attribute). Therefore, there clearly needs to be a balance between DPS and survivability.


What are some viable item selections that have worked well for you guys, given his DPS skillset?


Thank you,

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Ive got a good build that really works well, your goals with this build, are HP, Speed, and INT, and of course attack speed, seeing as though you have one of the best scaling ULTs in the game, you gotta take advantage.

so at the start of the game your going for sustain and some health, so first I go with durans machete. after that, if Im having a regular game, I.E. no early kills or exceptional farm. I go with lightining rod, cause this shap is dope with your ult! anyways, after you get your rod, now you want to get some INT and more health, so i go for ihan crystal, seriously a good buy, cause it gives you mana sustain which you will need for spamming your Q. so its time for the fun part, and the part where my build is unique, next I go straight for yamato, cause with your ULT, + yamato active, your taking out like half their team. now at this point it is situational, cause you cant get both these items or youll be too squishy, but if they are building spell res, you wanna get a grav edge. if they arent, go for argus. after that get nitro, then aggressors guise, then start seeling your old items. your end game build should look about like this


grav edge/argus, nitrogen, yamato, aggressors, timesplitter, then darwins if nobody is building anti leach.

but anyways, this is a solid build that would stack up in both scenes. play around with the order and get things when you want. cheers.

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My preferences on Voltron Leo will not be the best, but here I give you what I like to build on him: Machette, Leeching Saber, Lightning Rod, Ihan Crystal, Pulse Hammer, Time Splitter, Parallax Generator, Force of Entrophy, Masamune, Darwins Might. The Machette, Saber and Ihan are sold later, sometimes I sell Lightning Rod too, and I get something stronger. This build of course vary: you can take in considerations those items: Pyre, Sliptide Schyte, HoM, Shinobi Style, Galactic Defender, Gravity Edge... on the deffensive way you can also consider Electric Mantle and Barbed Plating.


Depending on the game, ofc the build vary, so I personally can't guide you, sometimes you will need tons of hp and spell resist because an enemy caster is dominating, so you will go Sliptide-Galactic-FoE-Taser-Pyre-Darwins (for example), sometimes a strong AA hero, so you will want Shadowmourne, E.Mantle and Barbed and SHC if you need to chase/scape and stun him.


You can also do some kind of DPS/INT build, I've never done this, but you could have Sunflare, Gravity, Star's Fury, Pyre, Nitrogen Retrofit and Yamato Reactor. I'm not sure if you will reach your AS cap but the INT and Spell Damage will be so damn high.


Anyway, you must buy what fullfit your playstyle, if you are aggresive you can go like Booom's build (pretty succesful in Inhouses) Phase Cloak-HoM-Masamune-Parallax are the core items and after that the game is pretty flobed for the enemy team xP

If you are more careful, you maybe want more HP, you know the rest, good luck.

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I have found the TPI - HoM combination a devastating one early game. With these two items, you break the attack speed cap, leech, move really fast, and have debuffs wear off much quicker. As the game moves further, you want a parallax, a massive HP item (organic/darwins/foe/nitrogen retrofit), then int. Build on paper looks something like this:


:HandofMengsk::TwinParadoxIsolator::ParallaxGenerator::NitrogenRetrofit: Gravity Edge, Small Hadron Collider :YamatoReactor:



If needed, you can then trade in some item for Masamune.

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:HandofMengsk::TwinParadoxIsolator::ParallaxGenerator::NitrogenRetrofit: Gravity Edge, Small Hadron Collider :YamatoReactor:




this is decent.



kitty is extremely situational, and as such, his item builds are also extremely situational, so there is no single build that will do well with him vs a variety of compositions/playstyles from the enemy team


hom is a good start though, but only if your doing well - otherwise a standard lightning rod is good for that extra bit of early game health. if your team is doing exceptionally well, ihan is a good investment


yamato reactor and gravity are also good pickups


sliptide or parallax are good defensive choices


small hadron is also generally a good item, as mobility is your biggest issue



don't lose early/mid game, and you should be fine, as your damage output late game is absurd


kitty works well with heroes that can clump enemies together (example: jackson, vorpal, drake) and heroes that can provide a strong front line to absorb cc (example: micro, drake, balrog, erekul)

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