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AoS fanart (updating :D)


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Hi all, I just wanted to share my not so good illustration of Penthos from AoS. It was very fun drawing it, and I really like the character itself. I would love comments or anything you have to say about it - you can spew it out here or on my deviant art. I know some things are fundamentally off, like wrong color, where are the 2 purple orb thingies, boring pose, anatomy, and perspective ... but w.e here it is :)

Thanks in advance, and a link to my dev art if anyone cares.



edit: Another version, tried another style of painting;; redone cuz.. Penthos is purple and green not yellow and blue like a zealot lmao





edit 2: here's Abathur from the HotS campaign, specially dedicated to Doc DNA :)




edit 3: Starmon Penthomon vs Biomon

I tried to draw Bio and Pentho fighting each other, but as usual my drawings look nothing like the real deal xD;; OTL




edit 4: Derpa


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I must say, very nice job!


But I also did it!




PS: could you do Abathur? It would be awesome!

Ill see if I can lol

I love it except that penthos is purple glowy and not blue glowy

Yep.. I redid it because of it

The art looks solid for a start. How long did it take you to draw this?


His blades could look more vicious.


I'm not sure.. somewhere around 100~120 min?



Thank you all for your positive feedback :)

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haha nice. the legs need anatomy work though - think dog legs, with walking on the toes and long foot arch

like dogs *hind* legs. their front legs are just straight :D of course you wouldnt know, you only know the anatomy of whales. and tits.

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