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Omega Starscream


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I find myself repeatedly doing the most damage in a game with Omega Starscream (most out of BOTH teams).

What strikes me as imbalanced, is that I can do this using NO offensive items, or ONLY with superheated and barbed (even though barbed is not truly considered offensive).


Have fun trolling and bashing and saying every game I play must be with noobs that don't know how to do damage. Have fun talking about everything else in the world that isn't my topic, and completely avoiding a good discussion. [i call this the CON-TROLLER part]

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Personally I think starscream is fine. I've only played one game where my opponent did good with him and he only went 9-4 where as I (being the carry) went 11-2. If you wana get kills with starscream i think you have to get a stun item or use ur plane effecitvely to catch up to people. But that's just my opinion.

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