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Slimed and Why am I in the Air? [Micro.Gravitus - V6.X]


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Micro Portrait.png




Introduction:Micro.Gravitus or so we call him "Micro" or "Gravi".Micro is a tank/initiator/throw. Your main goal in life is to slow people with slime and throw non-intitiation and non tank heroes to your team, or to throw enemies away that are about to kill you teamates and/or throw your teamates out of harms way and obviously tank. Early game you cannot do much since your throw has around a 3-8 range in the beginning.So overall if you want to be a giant badass tank sliming and throwing people around Micro.Gravitus is the hero for you.



Cheat Sheet Skill Order: Q-W-W-E-W-R-W-E-Q-E-R-E-Q-Q-Stat-R-Stat-Stat-Stat

Fast Twitch.pngQ : Fast Twitch:For every 12 seconds your next attack deals extra 40+[LVL*10] Spell Damage and Stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds.

How To Use: You can use this to obviously stun, or stop teleports which is very usefull.




Constricting Slime.pngQ : Constricting Slime: Gravitus expels a corrosive slime onto nearby enemies, dealing Spell Damage over 3 seconds. Enemy units lose 50% movespeed and 50% weapon speed for the duration of the debuff.

Level 1:Deals 70 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2:Deals 140 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3:Deals 210 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4:Deals 280 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage

How To Use:Use this spell to slow nearby enemies to keep them from escaping after you throw or to slow them down so you can throw.



Psionic Slam.pngW : Psionic Slam: Gravitus sends a nearby unit Airborne, for 2 seconds, dealing Spell Damage to nearby enemies on impact. The tossed unit takes 20% additional spell damage if it is a enemy.

Level 1:Deals 70 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage. 5 Unit Toss Range.

Level 2:Deals 140 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage. 8 Unit Toss Range.

Level 3:Deals 210 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage. 11 Unit Toss Range.

Level 4:Deals 280 Damage [+60% INT] Spell Damage. 15 Unit Toss Range.

How To Use:Use this spell to throw enemies to your team, throw enemies away from your team, throw your team away from enemies.

How To Throw:By request I will give a descritption on how throw works, when you are getting ready to throw and you press w, a green circle will appear that is not the thing to target the hero you want to throw that is where you are going to throw it, priority for throw is TEAM FIRST so if micro is chasing rancor and there is a shadow right beside him, regardless of rancor being a enemy micro willl throw the shadow, next priority is closest enemy. It is not very wise to throw drake, vorpal to your team since they are initiation and have a big aoe damaging ults. So once again priority is CLOSEST ALLY, then CLOSEST ENEMY. Hope this helps.

Spatial Flux.png]E : Spatial Flux[/size]:Gravitus dissapears for 1.5 seconds, then appears at target location with bonus damage resistance for 3 seconds.

Level 1:Gains 50% Damage Resistance For 3 Seconds.

Level 2:Gains 60% Damage Resistance For 3 Seconds.

Level 3:Gains 70% Damage Resistance For 3 Seconds.

Level 4:Gains 80% Damage Resistance For 3 Seconds.

How To Use:Use this spell to blink in and throw somebody to your team, however if the disappear is too obvious use warp sharp to get in and this to get out.



Expand!.pngR : Expand!:Gravitus permanately expands his muscle mass granting him permanent additional Strength.

Level 1:Grants +20 Strength.

Level 2:Grants +40 Strength.

Level 2:Grants +60 Strength.

Nothing To Use.





0-16-9: I have 2 different talent builds for micro, depending on whether u but 2 into the 20% less respawn time and 1 more into defense of your choice. In this build I take evasion for first row and health regen and artful dodger, as well as hp damage, then protect and the row after protect. as for utility I get the +200 energy 10% less respawn time 3 in the +9 additional stats and 2/3 in increased energy regen as well as avarice.

Micro Big Tank 0-16-9.png



0-15-10:In this build I grabbed +2% spell resist in the first row, I also grabbed Imppunity which reduces all damage coming in by 5, however i did not grab the 2nd talent after protect. I also in turn got 3/3 in energy regen with avarice.



Protect & Vitalize.png]When you get either of these talents builds you will have Protect for your hotkey D which grants 50% damage resist and debuff immunity for 2 seconds. Your F will be Vitalize Which Grants 140+[LVL*28] Health over 5 seconds, and 50% of that is distributed to nearby allies.[/size]



Core Items:


Situational Items:

:KorhalVanguard::KhalaStone::ParallaxGenerator::OrganicCarapace::LifeTechNanosuit::DarksteelTitan::ExecutionersAxe::BarbedPlating::ElectricMantle::ChillingArtifact::CoatofArms::MossbergTaser::SuperheatedMantle::ShrapnelCloak:Choose from any of these to complete your item build, most of them are very situational, and when I also say organic in situational I mean a second one if affordable, and as for the coat of arms, if your carry isnt going to buy one it is a good aoe aura/support item.


That is the end of my build, if you feel that I am missing something or it needs more, post below, and please always leave constructive criticism. Thank You For Reading.


How To Initiate: There are several ways to initiate for your team, A.) Throw the enemies team dps, carry, support to your team. B ) Jump in a slime everybody if they are clumped up. C ) Another unique way of initiating is to throw your other initiator I.E: Throw Vorpal In and he can RQ towards your team. MORE TIPS TO COME SOON.

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You should definetly go into more detail about the mechanics of Micro's Toss it is always annoying when im chasing as micro and my team mate decides to run next to me rather than letting me get the throw and retreating to where im gonna throw them. So that I throw my team mate instead of the enemy

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Micro with Executioner's Axe is a good option? I've never thougth about that, you only can use the active, because with your poor attack speed and dmg the leech and crit chance dont do much on that hero

If you seem to be focused down by some type of aa spell leech hero IE old toxi shadow pop the executioners and bam no more leech for a little while, and as i said they are all situational
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