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Creative ideas for in game?


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Lets hear some crazy/stupid ideas lol maybe even cool ones that could be implemented into game to make it more of it's own kind like

There should b a stimpack in aos...like crack or heroin lol. in order to get it you have to buy it off a lil man sitting in the cave behind Levi. Only once you kill Levi is the shop open. 1 stimpack costs 4000 minerals and lasts for 60 seconds. You get +100 str-agi-int..and u know rest of that good stuff.

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I was joking, i never had a problem with old boros, i would just get a warpshard and teleport next to my teamates :D.

Also, the game has changed so much that things wont be the same in pubs, because my communication is invalid?

If i go into a pub will there be atleast 1 person who feeds alot?

Will more then 2 people build shrapnel?

Will more then 2 people build emantle?

Will there be good teams?

Will there be no leavers 1/3 the time?

Will most people not build glass cannon?

If most of these are no, then i am still valid :D.


Back on topic, we could see something where you could buy individual creeps in your middle lane. Like 1 creep for 150 minerals. A way to spend your money.

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