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[Vorpal.Valedict-v1.99] tank support troll build


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Cheat Sheet


disclaimer:this guide is a bit dodgy in the sense that u will be mainly annoying the enemy team, rather than actually killing them.





health regen









Item build:

duran's buckler

lightning rod

contaminated shard

explosive retrofit

electric mantle

darksteal titan

(sell durans buckler) organic carapace or situational item




General overview

Vorpal Valedict has ALOT of stuns. this is the main backing of this build. vorpal is a unique hero in that he doesn't require energy, except his substitute for it, his orbs, are quite plentiful(unlike penthos). getting his e first is the a strong opening and is good for creeping with a ranged partner, there are situations where q and be better first.



At the very start of the game what you want to do is call short lane (zerg top, protoss bot). this is inportant so your javelins actually hit.you want to start off taking the thor and then go straight to lane. the second you get there you want to start firing those javelins!


In the laing phase you want to be spamming your e and using your q in utility. it is important that (before level 6) your only problem is cooldowns.

Your aim is to throw as many javelins to: harass, last hit, break channeling and save allies (and ks). If you are doing all these things then you will have exactly no javelins at any given time because they will all be on cooldown. Ultimately you are trying to bleed you opponents to either: a. set up a gank, or b keep them in pool and push their tower!

you should use your q to a escape ganks and be pull enemies towards you tower and kill them by repeatedly stunning them in you towers range. this is great if you go into the firebat camp and hide in the bushes, let the creeps drop back towards you tower and then somehow alert the enemy that you might be in there, like have you laning partner dart around near the edge or chuck a stray javelin. then you want to q towards your tower and get an easy kill. once you ht level 6 it's OK to have no orbs because you will be using you ulti. try to, in lane, just use your ulti as a harass/ initial DPs, rather than something you "save" unnecessarily. keep in mind you e will help deal a lot of damage to heroes like starscreem and Virgil so it is always good to have. also keep in mind that it does damage not just to the attacker, but to anyone in a 10 unit radius.



when a team fight is about to begin and all the enemies are clustered up, ulti strait across them and then engage. this is good because if they choose to dodge the ulti they will be in disarray and separated from each other and if they don't move very much then that's some nice free damage you just dealt to them with no real cost. you will probably want to surge (q) across once or twice and spam e as usual. if you loose the team fight (which you may will) and you are running away, try to maximize the effectiveness of you orbs by prioritization stunning an enemy you is chasing you or surging away. remember to try to help your running allies in this time too, as this is one of you most useful assets. this also helps justify getting the moment speed in talents




Because Vorpals javelins stack with 50% weapon damage our aim should be to get as much weapon damage as we can.

but so we don't die in team fights (because people will absentmindedly focus us down) we need to have to get durans buckler. Electric mantle and darksteal are just to increase the amount of time you can be throwing javelins by keeping you alive longer. getting lightning rod makes your bloodthirst more effective and is good for laning. at the end of the game you will be serving more of a tank role so organic carapace or life tech are appropriate




Item Icons

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I don't agree with buying DPS items on Vorpal. Your build looks like a good tanky utility Vorpal, but I think you can improve it.


His base weapon speed is so low, and you didn't take fury so your AA will be largely useless. I would take hp, spell resist, zeal, fortify, prodigy and swiftness for talents. The items I would get would be from the following list: parallax, shc, e mantle, dst, shrapnel, spell buffer, coa, nitrogen retrofit. There are probably other items as well. Symphonic seed would be good too, it will allow you to use your spells more in team fights.


This will make you provide better utulity, and I think it's a strong build for Vorpal. But you can also build Vorpal as pure caster, tank or even dps.


And btw, why lane Vorpal in easy lane? He can solo hard lane so easily, so its better if you take hard lane and let other players take easy lane with heroes that need to lane in the easy lane.

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the reason i got the weapon damage is to help is e and the lightning rod is to clear lanes. I usually play solo easy, because early game you need the support of your tower to maximize the effectiveness of you q and e. i have played top and it was a lot harder to use all my javelins effectively

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Vorpal is one of the best if not the best solo hard lane hero. He can't be ganked and he can use javelin to get last hits. And I wouldn't call your build tanky support, but rather tanky dps. U have no single support item in your build. And no matter if going tank, caster or dps u should always consider SHC, as it gives Vorpal great initiation potential.

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