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[Hero] King.Midas


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someone mentioned this in mumble not all is my idea. I don't remember that players name


Name: King Midas




Royal taxes(Heroic Passive)

When King Midas does damage to an enemy hero that hero loses 10% of minerals gained from killing creep or heroes and king Midas gains that 10% lost. Last 10 seconds.(only proced off auto attack or skills not items affects. counts towards assist that hero makes as well)


Royal Ball(Active)

When activated, provides Shields and health regeneration.


Duration: 10 seconds

Amount: max hp %/regen. (5%/1hp)/(10%/1.5hp)/(15%/2hp)/(20%/2.5hp)

Cooldown: 50/45/40/35

Cost: 65/80/100/120 Mana


When activated a gold colored orb appears around King Midas. Giving him shields and health regeneration for a short duration.


Gold Jew (Active)


King Midas over weighed by his gold drops a sack. the glisten from the light blinds the enemy. In the daze of the blindness it slows

enemy by 30%. Last 2 seconds


Cooldown: 45/40/40/35

Range: 7 units

Cost: 50/60/70/80



Midas's Might (Active)

Midas attacks deal addition spell damage for his next 5 attacks


Damage: 15/30/60/90(+20% intellect)

Cooldown: 45/40/40/35

Duration: 15 seconds at all levels

Cost: 50/60/70/90


Hand of Midas(Passive)(Ultimate)

When Midas gets a Kill or Assist he steals Minerals from the Hero that dies.


Amount: Kill/Assist (50/25)/(100/50)/(150/75) minerals




Strength: Primary

Intelligence: Secondary

Agility: Tertiary


Health: 300

Speed: 2.8

Weapon 1.7

Weapon Damage: 35

Range: 6

Strength: 24+7

Intellect: 22+5

Agility: 22+3



Strength Hero


Character Model/Portrait should be Gold Immortal.





King Midas is designed to be a tank that can dampen the spirits of the other team, by reducing their minerals and increasing his



In the laning phase, King Midas would rely on Royal Ball to sustain himself. And harassing the enemy with the combination of his

Jester and Might. As well as trying to get an attack in on a hero before they kill a creep.


Midas should focus on getting health/strength early on which will allow him to better tank the enemy using his Royal Ball and allowing him or allies to escape using Jester. Movement speed or a warp shard will better help him towards end game. so he can better get in place to activate jester so he may attack enemies without taking damage.


I thought about giving the Jester a 25% damage reflect but I thought that might be a bit to much since it already acts like a taunt.


Edit: jesters has no resistance.

Edit: removed Jester and replaced it with gold jew

Jester (Active)

King Midas calls upon his trusty jester.(has no resistance)


Heath is 50% of King Midas max hp.

Cooldown: 45/40/40/35

Duration: 5 seconds at all levels

Cost: 70/85/100/115


Jester is a copy of King Midas and appears next to him when casted. Does not attack or move. Any enemy in 5 unit range of jester will automatically attack it. Till its dead or expires.


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i think Jester is a bit too strong. As a tank he will have a lot of health/survivability, so his jester will be semi hard to kill. This wouldnt be to much of a problem but as it is also an 5 aoe taunt, that basically lasts for 5 seconds. The closest thing i can think of is Galios ult in LoL that taunts everyone around him for 2(?) seconds.

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@ Quitsmann with out jester having any resist. and Midas at 4k hp, jester would only have 2k hp which a hero like shadow can kill in 2 seconds alone. with a full team or creep wave there it would go down even faster. the idea was more of a distraction so he could run away or initiate.

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