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[Hero] Ocular.Visionist


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Ocular.Visionist

Portrait: Observer

Unit Base: Observer

Type: INT Long Range Caster//Support

Script: Observer OP. Need I say more?


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed – 3

Attack Range – 7

Attack Speed – 1.9

Base Damage – 38

Attack Name | Animation - Blink Beam

Base Armor 3

Strength – 20 + 4

Agility – 18 + 3

Intelligence – 36 + 8




Heroic Passive: Power of Vision

"Ocular uses projectiles for his abilities. ALL his abilities are global, but the projectiles can only move through vision. These projectiles stop once they reach the fog of war. Ocular and allies in a 10-unit Radius gain a passive +2 Sight as well."


Effect: This means that if Ocular uses an ability, the range is decided on how far the projectile can travel without moving through the fog of war. Once if moves out of sight, it is removed//disappears//ect.




Ability One: Blinding Light

"Ocular shoots a beam of light at an area, causing a 3-unit Radius area to light up. For 3 seconds, the spot deals Spell Damage per second, Silences enemies in it, and also disables enemy basic attacks inside it."

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: Global


Level 1: Deals 40[+25%INT] per second.

Level 2: Deals 60[+25%INT] per second.

Level 3: Deals 80[+25%INT] per second.

Level 4: Deals 100[+25%INT] per second.


Effect: Projectile ball of light moves at speed of 10. This can be devestating since it can silence AND disable attack. Get out of this as soon as possible. Even more devestating if you are slowed. Run into it, you are silenced and can't attack. You run out of it, you can once again even if the ability is still going.




Ability Two: Concentrative Power

"Ocular channels a beam on a targeted unit. If it is an enemy, the target is slowed for the channel and takes spell Damage. Once the channel is stopped, the unit will be stunned for 1 second. If Ocular targets an ally, they will gain an amount of Shields and they will restore the shields even every second. Once the channel is stopped, the ally will gain debuff immunity for 1 second. Ocular must channel for a short duration before this effects a target. This ability takes an addition 0.4 seconds to channel per 10 units from target before the effects work."

Energy Cost: 50//60//70//80

Cooldown: 30//26//22//18

Range: Global


Level 1: Deals 30[+20%INT] Spell Damage per sec. Slows 15%. Gives ally 30[+25%INT] Shields. Also restores 30[+25%INT] of an ally's Shields per second.

Level 2: Deals 45[+20%INT] Spell Damage per sec. Slows 20%. Gives ally 45[+25%INT] Shields. Also restores 45[+25%INT] of an ally's Shields per second.

Level 3: Deals 60[+20%INT] Spell Damage per sec. Slows 25%. Gives ally 60[+25%INT] Shields. Also restores 60[+25%INT] of an ally's Shields per second.

Level 4: Deals 75[+20%INT] Spell Damage per sec. Slows 30%. Gives ally 75[+25%INT] Shields. Also restores 75[+25%INT] of an ally's Shields per second.


Effect: You can remove the channel quickly to proc the remove effect like stun or debuff immunity. The addition channel part means that if your target is 40 units away, you must channel for 1.6 seconds before Concentrative power comes into effect [and the up to 4 second channel comes into effect]. The entire beam must be in vision the entire time. This means that if part of the beam (Even if the target is still in vision) is not in your vision, the beam will stop the channel.




Ability Three: Visional Path

"Ocular shoots a orb of light at a targeted area. This orb reveals the area [not detection] around it as it moves in a 4-unit Radius as it moves. Because of this, the Orb is global since it can never run into the Fog of War. This Orb reveals the area for 8 seconds. In addition, enemies hit by this orb [1-unit Radius orb] take Spell Damage, are revealed, and lose movement speed for 3 seconds. Channel for 0.4 seconds.

Passive Part:

In addition, Passively make it so that if ocular doesn't have vision of his attacker, he takes Reduced Spell Damage from the target [Cloak means he doesn't have vision in this case]."

Energy Cost: 100//100//100//100

Cooldown: 25//20//15//10

Range: Global


Level 1: Deals 60[+35%INT] Spell Damage. -20% Movement Speed. Passive: No Vision of attack lowers Spell Damage taken by 8%.

Level 2: Deals 100[+35%INT] Spell Damage. -25% Movement Speed. Passive: No Vision of attack lowers Spell Damage taken by 12%.

Level 3: Deals 140[+35%INT] Spell Damage. -30% Movement Speed. Passive: No Vision of attack lowers Spell Damage taken by 16%.

Level 4: Deals 180[+35%INT] Spell Damage. -35% Movement Speed. Passive: No Vision of attack lowers Spell Damage taken by 20%.


Effect: This helps providing sight for allies. Slowing enemies help too and revealing them if they cloak. Also useful for extending your abilities range if you have a fog of war wall infront of you. Visional Path orb moves at speed of 15. This ability also comes with a Passive. This allows Ocular to be able to tank enemies not within his casting range [or who are cloaked] to deal less damage to him. He is rather squishy to enemies and is completely reliant on be far away from his attackers. This makes it so He can take a little more damage if he is still out ranged//visioned.




Ultimate Ability: Blazing Stare

"Ocular gazes at a spot. This causes a line of fire to appear [instantly] after a 1.5 second channel that extends all the way until it hits the fog of war. This wall of fire is 2-units wide. Enemies that touch the firewall will get a Blazing stare debuff. This debuff causes enemies to take slightly amplified Physical and Spell Damage and to take True Damage per second for 6 seconds. This Firewall lasts for 3 seconds. Enemies in the Fire also take Spell Damage equal to 2% Their Maximum Health per second."

Energy Cost: 250//400//550

Cooldown: 90//60//30

Range: Global


Level 1: Amplify Physical and Spell Damage by 10%. Blazing Stare debuff deals 200[+80%INT] Spell Damage over 5 seconds.

Level 2: Amplify Physical and Spell Damage by 14%. Blazing Stare debuff deals 250[+80%INT] Spell Damage over 5 seconds.

Level 3: Amplify Physical and Spell Damage by 18%. Blazing Stare debuff deals 300[+80%INT] Spell Damage over 5 seconds.


Effect: Firewall lasts 3 seconds meaning that this debuff can last up to 8 seconds. Which means that if you sit in the firewall, you will take 50% More spell damage than your would of if you just immediately got out of it. They must be inside the firewall to take a % their maximum health. This means it can deal 6% Max. This addition, is primarily for Nitrogen Retrofit to proc. This firewall appears instantly after channel.




Additional Information



1) Stay back. You are rather squishy and your more long range.

2) This hero supports his allies. In response, they support you with vision so you can cast your abilities from safe distances.

3) Try avoiding areas that don't give a lot of vision like bushes or low vs high ground. Use Visional path if you need to

4) Visional path is the only true global ability. This also helps extend your globalness. If an enemy is running, try using visional path, then use Blazing Stare.

5) Make sure to have a decent amount of energy late game. Blazing Stare is quite spammable at that point but costs a lot of Mana.

6) Note that blazing stare at the beginning is ment more for DPS, while late game, it is ment more of a support to amplify damage, or preventing enemies from going through it [like a wall]. Also useful for poking enemies. It deals true damage so it is still pretty useful late game.

7) Heroes like Rancor can be very helpful since he can use scans to extend your ability. In addition, he gets a refund on wards which will also extend your vision. Do not be afraid to buy wards. Your a support and it is actually helping not only your allies, but helping you too.

8) Your hero has no real escape abilities. REALLY Stay back. In ganking, block enemies off with ulti or suprise them with it. Support allies from other lands as well with Vision Path if you can [slow helps]. Try to land your Q in a good spot in team battles. That can really make a huge difference. Your W can be used to save an ally, especially one that is taking DoT.

9) With many wards and creeps and allies in an area, your abilities can really have far range up to a range of 35 or more! even farther with Visional Path. Use this to your advantage as you literally snipe your enemies!

10) A Good combo is primarily E Q W. E Gives sight. If your in closer ranged combat, try to Q then W their best hero. This will help slow them as they are silenced, cant attack, and are taking lots of DoT as well.



Starting Items:

- Space Battery

- Sentry Ward


Optional Items:

- Duran's Eye [Okay stats for early game since you have the range but not suggested. The main thing that this item can give is that it extends your abilities Range because of the +2.5 sight. In addition, activating it can greatly increase your range as well.]

- Bandit's Artifice [Good as a last item. Use it to scout and if enemies attack it, just harass them from your range and the vision your clone has. In addition, the stats are rather balanced. Giving you a little bit of armor, INT, and health.

- CoA [Health, Armor to help sustain. In addition CDR. One more thing is that it is an Aura item and it can be useful in a supporting role.]

- Chilling Artifact [Help lower Enemy attack speed if they are close. High Energy and CDR]


Late Game Items:

- Argus Crystal [Damage]

- Yamato Reactor [Damage + CDR]

- Starfury [CDR. Procs INT. Useful since you have high attack range]

- Small Hadron Collider [Teleport if things get out of hand. Timescale also helps with CD]

- Eletrical Mantle [CDR. Enables you a second if an Auto-attack is going to kill you, to warp out or just to bail].

- Nitrogen Retro [slow enemies for allies. High range abilities and a couple of DoT. Great with Q W E and R. Really all of them in chasing and wat not or to prevent them from getting out of your AoE abilities].


Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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The biggest dilemma of playing this hero would be if you build AA, put radars in between towers, and snipe creeps in all 3 lanes, or just using what is effectively a perma-silencer. The very concept is ludicrously op, and this coming from a person that so far created 2 long-range-killing machine aa snipers, as well as roughly 20 unpublished prototypes for the ultimate one that I am still working on....

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His AA isn't Global. His abilities are. In addition, that Silence ability isn't exact a huge radius. This hero may be able to hit enemies from a very far distance, but it cost Money to place Wards down, and needs mana to cost. Not to mnetion that nearly all the abilities have a Projectile Speed. Note that his Q is about same speed as gruntys rocket. The chances of hitting are low. And the DPS is rather actually low.


If you use your E to give you sight. Enemies should know that if there is going to be a wall somewhere, it would most likely be along the E Vision path.


Also to put Radars inbetween towers will require about 7+ Wards. Just placing them will take 2 minutes of their time. The risk of being ganked. And effective wasting 130 Mana for an ability that will most likely miss, and deals actually fairly low damage. The Ulti cost 550 Mana too which is actually a lot [same as Cyprus i think?].



Cows Ulti deals more damage, has rather a low CD and still doesn't really even kill creeps. It would not be effect at all early or even mid game.


Also if you ward the spot. You are still bounded by a specific spot. As you have to keep in the boundary the wards are in unless you want to place even more. Sight wards only give you about a 8-unit Radius cover. The way you listed in creeping in muti lanes is just not effective in any way. It isn't mana efficiant, it relys on creeps being in specific spots, and it don't even garentee creep kills.

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