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[1.97] Ironhide.Cain: Blasting to Victory


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Ironhide.Cain. The strength bruiser with a lot of damage, and a lot of tankiness. His skillset lets him do a lot of dps while being able to still stay alive during teamfights, unlike other carries.

And the best news? He's not DPS-Item reliant. He needs an attack speed item or two, some tanky DPS items and maybe a hard dps item later, but he's overall not as reliant as other carries.


Cain's Skillset:


Heroic Passive (Cold Shot): Every 10 seconds, his next autoattack slows the target by 35% for (3?) seconds.


-Great for chasing people down! If it procs, then you can get the damage and then freeze them to add the damage onto that.


Q Spell (Nitrogen Blast): Launches a freezing shot, freezing the target for (1/2/3/4) seconds, and it takes (100/200/300/400) (+35% INT) damage to break the stun.


-This interrupts channels and spellcasts, like Drake's ulti and Tassadar's Soul Drain.

-This spell is very useful to catch someone off guard- it lets you zero in on a target and release your damage and then blow them into bits.

-If someone's running, use this spell to snatch them. Be careful, it hits creeps!



W Spell (Frostbite): Deals (10/15/20/25) bonus Spell damage on attack. Stacks 8 times.


-The spell max on the 8th shot will deal 80/120/160/200 spell damage per shot.

-This spell is Cain's DPS Wonder. It deals insane extra damage on attack, and it stacks. Your ultimate will also deal this damage, so it's a great tool.

-Combined with his Barrage, this is insane extra damage, especially early game.



E Spell (Barrage): Grants max attack speed for the next (3/4/5/6) shots, or for 15 seconds.



-A DPS gift from heaven. This combined with any on-hit effects and his Frostbite will lead to quick, heavy kills.

-Use this with his ulti to annihilate Aeon, Levi, Towers, Tanks, and immobile DPS targets. It's pretty much the bread and butter of Cain's arsenal.



Ultimate Spell (Temporal Shots): Slows Cain's attack missiles by 90%. Deals an extra (45/95/135) (+35% INT) damage, per shot, on release.



-Murders anything with high HP and no mobility.

-You may think INT cain would be viable for this, but the dodgeability of this ulti makes it a very situational use.


-Avoid using it when:

A. The enemy has blinks. Blinks make this ulti worthless. That includes Warp Shard and Impact Dial.

B. You're in a teamfight and focusing a enemy carry. They won't die fast enough to do much.


-Do use it when:

A. You're killing bosses.

B. You're on the high ground. Freeze someone who walks by, barrage + ulti, and then release after 8 or so shots if they dont have a blink, or 6 when they do.

C. Your focusing a tank down. They can't do much about this. If they waste their warp shard, they could have just gotten their entire team killed.





Your first seven skills should go:


E W E Q E R E. 1-7


You want to max Barrage asap so you do insane damage, then your W after:


W W W R Q Q Q Y R Y Y (8-18)


You may ask, "but why not max Q before W? It does so much!"

The reason is because his W does so much more damage than his Q does utility. The extra damage can be crucial to taking an Aeon before a steal or teamfight, for example.


Or, it could be used in a teamfight, of course.


Items for Cain


You want to build tanky DPS on Cain. He's a DPS bruiser with hard carry potential, without the need for hard carry items like Time Splitter.


A usual build order will go:


:LightningRod::PulseHammer: Lightning and Pulse to start; they give the tankiness, some utility, and some damage for fighting off enemies.


:ExplosiveRetrofit: Explosive Retrofit for insane damage and massive teamfight damage.


Masamune (no image!) for the timescale and insane damage it provides. Your inherent tankiness + the last 3 items can cover up the 20% damage amplification.


:ForceofEntropy: Then, finish Force of Entropy.


Then, you can go as you please.

Optional Items:


Stun Baton will ALWAYS proc AT LEAST once on your maxed barrage. It's a nice item to have if you want to stun someone for that extra second.

Phantom Menace is always a nice item to get to have the insane chase.

Coat of Arms also helps you and your team reach max attack speed.

Time Splitter can replace Lightning Rod for more attack speed.

Darwins Might can be placed in there for leech if you have problems sustaining or getting focused, replacing any of the items except Masamune and Force of Entropy.





Cain: Talents


This is real short.

You can run 2/3/1:

+Damage: Last hitting, Extra Damage on every ulti shot

+Attack Speed: Early game chase, and late, he wont have much other then barrage. So this comes in handy.


+Health: All bruisers need health :p

+Integrity: Armor is always good with the AA carries in the meta.

+Zeal: The 11% movespeed is amazing. It makes a huge difference.


+Swiftness: The added 6% Movespeed is also good.


Or, if you know you can win with hard ganks:


Run 4/2/0:

+Damage: Same as above, but massively increases gank power

+Attack Speed: Same

+Veteran: You want to keep enemies down, and being a level up is always good.

+Haste: The key to the build. Use this and your R and you can rack massive kill counts early game.


+Health: You need to LIVE to gank.

+Armor: Armor will keep creeps from murdering you as you gank.


Never run anything in utility other then swiftness. It does nothing.


Protect is meh. You can build 1/4/1, but it's not as good as 2/3/1 as you're missing key parts.


Other then that, there's not really any other options.





Cain's uses: Teamfighting


Cain in a teamfight is a gift.


-His Q stuns people. Launch it well, and it could mean death to the carry by pluck.

-His Q also interrupts problematic situations, like Justicar, Drake's Ulti, or Jackson's Ulti.


-His W does insane damage.


-His E can be used to burst down enemy carries or utility characters. It's great to kill an enemy DARPA before the fight gets hot, right?


-His R can be used to blast someone unsuspecting or unable to escape it, such as an enemy Toximancer.Vespus or Gabriel.Tosh.


The Chimera Moment


Build INT. Then fail at it. THE END


And if you see Chimera anywhere, make sure to ask him for his 'replay' of when he went 56-0.




Well, that's it for Cain! Enjoy the trolling and have fun!

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I never buy LR and Explosive because I don't want to break the ice with it. If you stun a bunch of ppl on a teamfight you can focus on 1 with your ult while the rest of the team is stunned. With Rod or Explosive you will break the ice and that's quite bad imo. If you don't care about that thing its ofc good buying that items...


I personally like a fast pyre and sychte because of the spell damage (your W and R are also spell damage), Phantom Menace is amazing to pursue ppl with your ult to the death, I buy Ihan because of the extra hp and mana, very usefull on Cain, I also buy leech with Darwins and ofc a Masamune because of the extra speed (with menace is insane) and the very high damage. I also consider Shadowmourne if my enemy has things like Stun Baton, Pyre, Time Splitter, or just too much damage...


It's cool that you post this because I hope a bunch of new players will appreciate it, anyway I don't think Cain is a troll hero... Q, R, E and kill :P

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you realize both pyre and sliptide will also break the ice. lol


But off only one person at a time. Also, explosive and lightning deal damage before you release missiles.


The main trick with Cain is to get a good timing for double E (12 sec cooldown, 15 sec duration, so get close to someone while still out of sight, e, wait ~10 seconds, stun, ult, taser, e again, release missiles.

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I really dont find the freeze that useful in team fights, cause as soon as you freeze someone, they will just instantly break by your team attacking them, i really find the Q to be for positioning, freeze them, run behind them, then unload so they have to run really far to get away. I dunno, Q skill is to glitchy to depend on anyways

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But, the Q will interrupt a drake's ulti and he has to manually recast it, for example.


@Residente, Doom: Pyre and Sliptide apply when you use the attack animation, not when you release the missiles.


Or else the missiles would do like 2200 damage in one barrage with Pyre + Sliptide and like 200 damage.

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Explosive Retrofit actually doesn't damage the person frozen your attacking. It only breaks the ice of those people around you. If you like Pyre and Sliptide, I suggest getting Gravity edge to lengthen your ice so it doesn't immediately break. True Damage isn't factored into the Ice. So if you freeze someone in tower, make sure you don't break ice as the tower can't break it :D.

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Cain's ultimate is useless in team fights. And it's silly to think you can freeze people and not have your team break the ice while you charge up your ultimate. He should just press E and provide aos DPS. I agree with Nuparu's build, tank DPS is the way to go.

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Cain's ultimate is useless in team fights. And it's silly to think you can freeze people and not have your team break the ice while you charge up your ultimate. He should just press E and provide aos DPS. I agree with Nuparu's build, tank DPS is the way to go.


The point is not to freeze ppl for 3 seconds, but in a teamfight, you can stop multiple channel skills with that skill, you can freeze a Drake trying to explode, or a Jackson trying to use Mass Effect, and give your team enough time to take them down, sometimes a whole team is trying to chase you and thanks to that AoE stun, your mates can come to you and begin the teamfight in advantage...

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+15Damage: Last hitting/Win in General

+AttackSpeed: Win, Cain won't have much AS late game other then barrage so that's it.


+180HP: Survivability for a bruiser!

+6Armor: ^

+Zeal: The greatest talent... ever!


+Swiftness: ^


(I'll add this to my main post)

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Not really. His W already does insane damage. You simply need a slight bit of tankiness (the tanky DPS damage items are great), some attack speed to keep it consistent and then you're set.

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