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Rants and Compliments


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I just had an amazing idea. Why not create a Rants section in Aeon of Storms general, alongside a Compliments section.


EDIT: Don't joke, Aeon of Storms lobby, General chat, Suggestions , Character balance and Bug reporting already serve as the 'Rants' section. But Compliments...apart from the fact it would be dead, isn't represented, I wonder why.


EDIT 2: http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/3301-compliments/

A few days ago I made a commendation thread, just to inspire our favourite people.

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Because rants aren't inherently productive. It's easy to point out something is wrong. It's simple to "rant" about things being wrong. But fixing things? That shap's hard, yo. We have a Balance section and we have a Bugs section and, between the two, I think we can cover anything wrong that could come up in the game. But simply making long-winded posts about it being wrong and the developers don't care isn't productive. It won't address any problem and it won't fix anything. Because if they really don't care, they won't pay any attention to your rant. And if they really do care, your rant is wrong.

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