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[Dustin Brawler] The Untouchable


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Quick guide, requires some knowledge about dustin bcause I am too lazy to post skill specifics/pictures


15 unit attack range

Insane speed (with this build)

Permanent TS



Even laning against today's OP kerri you'll raise hell, laning against any other toon is a joke













Q. True DMG Skill shot with a range of 15

W. Predator Missles - Fires 4 with a range of 15

E. Sentry - Puts your sentry in target location and zaps 5 times, increases per shock ( keep in mind your Q shoots frmo wherever your sentry is set, so when being tower pushed u can set this behind your enemy and Q them from behind)

R- Cooldown reset - Resets cooldowns (most op shap ever)


Skill Priority (Stats go last)

Q, W, Q, E, Q, R, Q, W, W, W, R E, E, E, R


The Build:

1. Duran's Pendant


2. Rush Phantom Menace (once you get this with the talent speed boost you will be going flobing mach 10)


3. Gravity edge (for the true dmg on Predator missles and the +49% total movement speed)


4. Argus Crystal/ Symphonic Seed


5. Argus Crystal/ Nitrogen Retrofit/Symphonic Seed


6. Yamato Reactor /Nitrogen Retrofit


7. a)Yamato Reactor/ Nitrogen Retrofit


b)Sell Pendant, get Survivability item, if going against the INT heroes worst nightmare cyprus you'll want to get Mossberg Taser

Lockbox is fun as tits


Should eventually have: Phantom menace, gravity edge, argus crystal, symphonic seed, yamato reactor, nitrogen retrofit(or choice or item).


**The steps with multiple items of the same name are there to show you your options depending on how the game is going, but by step 6 you should already have Argus and Seed, unless you needed the nitrofit slow for any particular reason.





You'll want to keep your distance early game (keep in mind your spells have 15 unit range) as much as possible and throw out your spells at heroes while leveling on creep. Youll send enemy heroes to pool pretty often

Around level 5-6 you can gank lanes pushed against you or even destroy tower huggers without ever being touched by a cannon

Dustin can also be a jungle master, Throw your sentry bot at a trio of creeps, Target the Big Kahuna creep, Hit predator missles, moveon

ALWAYS stay on the safe side, never go in enemy territory without a plan And you will have plenty kills and 0 deaths.



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the basic build is good but you don't need phantom menace. the best item in find on Dustin specially as a first item is symphonic seed. besides the 20% energy back which everyone knows when Dustin is bursting out dps he runs through his energy fast. but once you get that first kill or assist you proc yamato reactor his 10 sec cdr on ulti becomes what seems like 2 seconds. you can own most heros in seconds with both items proced up. basically think you have 600 intel. missles are 240 +70% int. then with the 5% talent, argus, and yamato proced that's 50% increase damage so you will be doing almost 1k damage from just missiles before midigation. and you can spam them back to back about 4 times. not including his Q laser. that's 4k damage max to 4 targets in 6 seconds. if they have 50% spell resist that's still 2k damage.

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First you dont even take in consideration ihan crystal, and you should buy it as fast as possible, dustin is an awesome farmer, with proper last hitting and the help of the drone, at the 15-20 minute mark you should have it, sell it when you get the stacks and the 400 extra mana (From the 60 int), the int and the hp will help dustin a lot, and the 1200 minerals after selling it are always welcome.

I personally go (and i think it's better) E Q W Q W Q W Q W R R E E E stat R stats... since level 1 you want farm without a lot of mana cost, you dont want to harass that hard with Q or W, anyway they will not do much dmg at lvl 1 so they are prescindible

and as james said, you dont need phantom menace, after the ihan stacked you just need to go pure int, argus gravity, yamato if you want some hp and the cdr, impact dial/warp shard if you have mobility problems (because phantom menace is good, but it will not protect you from stuns, and a blink, push can help much more) or shimponic seed/nitrogen if you need desperately hp but you dont want to loose int

I would NEVER spend my first 3300 minerals on a 50 agility item as dustin... he needs a lot of farm, and that item doesn't help with that, it doesnt even help to get kills, just to run, and gravity would be a better option even knowing that it gives less speed.


If I took the time to write all this things, that idk if any1 will read, its becase I (I consider it) am a veteran Dustin player, and players who played with me can say that it's true, and you should try doing a different thing than a phantom rush, because, you could get it later in the game, when you dont need the farm and int


cheers, and im glad more ppl knows that dustin is cool!!!1one!

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You guys underestimate phantom. Sure it is an agi item, and dustin is an INT hero... but 50% movement speed (with edge & talents) is a huge deal with you have 15 unit attack range AND 15 unit sentry vision. It is funny to see people chase you while u Q and W them all the way down, then close with your team backdooring them. The whole point is to not get hit, hence untouchable, if a cain comes by and freezes you your done no matter how much ihan/nitrofit hp hp you have, (phantom saves a slot from getting any sort of spell resist and hp item as long as you can micro to ensure your safety) sme with any other hero with slow or stun (everyone knows how squishy dustin can be). Think of phantom on dustin with speed talent boost and edge as a nova with unlimited vanish: never gonna get hit with proper microing. Symphonic is actually a great idea but i would say for later game, i would say replace survivability item since you have beast movement speed and such a capacity to never get hit unless your dealing with a cyprus. Phantom combined with microing is all the survivability you will need.


As for farming, you should know that dustin is one of the best mid laners. The HP Ihan provides is totally unneccesary since you will not be getting by other heroes anyways. I can get a menace in a matter of 10-15 minutes. Once thats done, ganking from top to bottom is cake, even if a backdoor attempt is unsuccessful, i can always jet the hell out of there with my 40% movement speed. Positioning and pathing is key.


I'm not saying people shouldnt get Ihan on dustin, since ihan is one of the best investments for an INT hero, but specifically for this build of constant harassment, this is a damn good Dustin build for IH. And as for pubs... You'll always be the team carry.

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It's one of my favourite items, and I know his potential and his power, and I keep saying that spending 3.3k on dustin with that item is a WASTE, unless you are in the late game


you dont need menace to survive dustin, never, unless you are terrible are positioning



As for farming, you should know that dustin is one of the best mid laners. The HP Ihan provides is totally unneccesary since you will not be getting by other heroes anyways. I can get a menace in a matter of 10-15 minutes.


hp is never unneccesary, because you can be fast as flob, but slows will flob you easily, toxi/cain still laugh at menace, and long range spells will flob you anyway, even with the speed, there is no point of being a raptor with 0 damage... and the mana boost and regeneration ihan provides is totally worthy (talking again about ihan), and it gives you free stats, even after selling it. and no, dont lie, you cant get a menace in 10-15 minutes, it's more expensive than a pyre, and even a shadow with uber farm and feed can't get a pyre that fast, 3300 minerals is flobing waste, enemies cant chase you, and you can use Q and W, but with the base damage plus your base int? you will never kill anyone that way unless you are in a teamfight and you last hit enemies with rockets and laser, with 3300 you get your ihan and you still have 800 minerals you can spend on the str and int potions, so you know when ihan is ready to be sold, after 10 minutes you have 1200 minerals 350 hp 60 int and 400 mana and 0 slots wasted, im sure menace is a great item on almost every hero, and i used it on dustin too, but after my other core items like gravity, impact dial/ warp shard, etc


edit: i didnt read that you said it's good for ih, for ihs menace would be even worse, because teamganks are teamganks and menace will not save you from ih players imo

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2. Rush Phantom Menace (once you get this with the talent speed boost you will be going flobing mach 10)

7. Sell Pendant, get Survivability item,


You want 2 survivability items ?


And i dislike edge on dustin because laser is truedmg anyway.

seed nitro argus is the only way to go imo.

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Tried a slight modification of the build, got Symphonc as first item (after Pendant, of course) and then Phantom Menace. Cleaned house, winning with 12/3/24; highest kills and assists on my team and fewest deaths. I also got the nitrogen immediately after phantom rather than gravity. I'd say a winning full build for this style of Brawler would be as follows:


1) Pendant

2) Symphonic

3) Phantom

4) Nitrogen

5) Ihan -sell when full stacks-

6) Gravity -or- Argus

7) Argus -or- Gravity

8) Sell Pendant for Yamato

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I dont play dustin, but it seems to me that even aside from the true dmg, the 70 int and movement speed make it worth it. And it still does affect missiles/drone

Dont count the drone on doing alot of dmg. The 3,6k is better spend on nitro because the slow allows you to do a extra round of missiles.


Tried a slight modification of the build, got Symphonc as first item (after Pendant, of course) and then Phantom Menace.

Its getting better, drop the phantom from the build(positioning needs to be better now that you can't run), after 6) get warpshard into shc for escape, go on with 7/8. Then you got a awsome build, looks a bit like mine though.


Why are you all getting phantom, does no one of you get annoyed that laser gets blocked if you move out of range? with more ms that just happens faster.

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Phantom has a very verstile function, and of course phantom can work on any hero, but i believe dustin's 15unit range compliments it better than most. Sure as long as you stay positioned correctly you will avoid lots of trouble. but positioning isnt the issue, phantom allows your APM to skyrocket, boomarang, bola's and any, and i mean any, sort of pull, slow and stun is rendered abosolutely useless with the 15 unit range and immense speed (dodging any sort of spell attack like that is the easiest thing ever if you are a regular player) . Even with proper positioning, without phantom, it is very likely to get teamganked 3v1, i've been on both sides of the fight. However, Dustin with the speed can harrass all 3 at once while avoiding any trouble with simple micro. Now if a hero is running from you, it is impossible to escape. Ever kill a hero with your Q while he is porting back near his tower? Alot of people know that dustin is capable of this, so they will port only when deeper into their territory. Phantom allows you to dive and take a shot, hit your w, and run back even if they are in their 2nd tier tower. Do they have warp shard? No problem, that's a split second of your movement and they are sent to the grave. Ihan is a very good item, but then again it's all preference: a tradeoff. about half a thousand hp of survivability (which can be a couple hits) for the capability of pushing your enemy so quickly they are rendered helpless. 60 INT? that would be merely ~50 extra dmg starting game, and maybe ~200 later game with argus and yamato.


I like to think of getting HP as a sense of predetermination that you will be getting hit, whereas getting phantom ensures that you won't be getting hit. My main character is voltron leo and for those who have played with or against my kitty you will know I am a slave to the speed, which is why my preference lies towards speed.


PS: Hell, why not rush Ihan first item then get phantom.

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And i dislike edge on dustin because laser is truedmg anyway.

seed nitro argus is the only way to go imo.


dustin's laser only gets more damage from intel, nothing buffs it. so when your looking at items its more going towards his missiles.


as well as for resident. Ihan is a great item but never a first item on a hero like dustin. you need fast intel for damage. his intel scaling is great because of how he can spam his spells. starting off with energy isn't great. I get ihan around 3rd or 4th item. and for the price of ihan you can buy 3 of the 18 intel items, which is 54 intel. another 200 and it becomes 60. which is an average of 42 damage per skill and 30 weapon damage right away.

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Yea I went parallax gen and popped them in that 2 second debuff. Then i got the hell out of there. It was sweet

Sounds like total bullshap, because it only removes debuffs once (the moment it activates) then you get debuffed again.

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i play Dustin a bit and i play him:





5.(usually sell Ihan) Sunflare/Edge


7.(sell Pendant)Yamato

8.situational item or another Argus


i run , energy regen, energy, health, health regen, then either spell dmg or zeal

i don't agree with speed and i find Symphonic Seed to be a wast of time considering when i get Yamato, however. i find laning mid and ganking short (enemy)lane a lot is also good. the health is and health regen help you stay in lane longer, and the Ihan 1st is great for the energy for mid team fights.

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i don't agree with speed and i find Symphonic Seed to be a wast of time considering when i get Yamato, however. i find laning mid and ganking short (enemy)lane a lot is also good. the health is and health regen help you stay in lane longer, and the Ihan 1st is great for the energy for mid team fights.

You do realize that nothing beats Symphonic for energy in the middle of teamfights ?

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I go star something like Pendant, Lost Treasure ( Cause I like Mana regen and richichituzz) Ihan Grav Argus Electric SHC Yamato and smthing situational.

could be shrap or other int item.



Most of you overextend your damage to enemy health negative ratio values like -2000 and that is too a wasting of coins/ minerals or dollars.


OH Maybe my damage to a pure tank is lower but I should give some work to AA carries, Other way I could become GoD.


* I always speak items, 2 or various as packs not individually which they can be good.



To OP: ( Pop this . Q, W, ULT, Q W expect Monster kills) You forgot Ex2 E is with Q the showing of Dustin Sklled. A Skilled Dustin use police T Techniques. ( T Technique is formation 2 polices gets when arresting an enemy avoiding to escape)


Other way though Phantom has its uses and can be a good item in some situations going to rush it has a bad couterpart. Any good player in lane you front will denying and forcing you go back since your damage will be very low ad with very low mana pool.

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I`ve been experimenting a bit with dustin on pubs...so far the only way i think I can get phantom menace as the first BIG item is if I stack pendants first...4-5...that takes care of intel, energy regen, and gives some life...now that you can use your spells more frequently and have easy time last hitting creeps going menace is a cakewalk...though my personal opinion is that even if stacking pendants you are best getting ihan and nitroafter(for the total int + life)...like somebody said, if unexpected enemy ambushes you with stun/slow combos menace wont do much...yes....warding prevents this, but there are situations when your wards will get targeted smartly and in those cases I`d never get menace first...


having said that, I must admit that combined with gravity and the slow nitro provides its easier than I expected to "hunt" a fleeing enemy...many enemies I would`ve otherwise lost and they wouldve healed back in base could be followeed and keep using spell combos while mantaining a distance....interesting idea that needs more experimentation...my standard with dustin so far is many pendants, ihan, nitro, then either argus(most of the time) or gravity....OR as a thir item MENACE if and only IF enemy team composition allows for it(no movement speed will help me escape darpa jumping in consecutively and tasering me to death for example)...but if enemy has no pulls or "chasing" skills or items menace can be even more useful than I expected

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