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Date 3/28/2013

- Began creation ^-^

Date 3/29/2013

-Did Balance tweaks.



Name: Adamantium

Portrait: Terrorzor

Unit Base: SilverBlack Terrorzor

Type: Carry/Ganker/Tank/Caster/Initiator

Script: -insert something cool here-


Starting Stats:

Base Health 220

Movement Speed 3.15

Attack Range 2

Attack Speed – 1.77

Base Damage 55

Attack Name | Animation - Shadow Claws | Shoots black claws at target

Base Armor 1

Strength – 30+4

Agility – 41+9

Intelligence – 13+2




Heroic Passive: Intimidation

Adamantium will always appear at 100% health to enemies, even if hes not.


Effect: Always appears at 100% health to enemies.




Ability One: Hidden Strength

Adamantium hides all of his damage resistance for a short time, then deals all damage taken in this time as true damage to all nearby foes.

Energy Cost: 100,115,130,145

Cooldown: 45,38,31,24

Range: Self Target


Level 1: Damage aura is 4.5 units. Lasts 1.4 seconds.

Level 2: Damage aura is 5 units. Lasts 1.7 seconds.

Level 3: Damage aura is 5.5 units. Lasts 2 seconds.

Level 4: Damage aura is 6 units. Lasts 2.3 seconds.


Effect: Takes damage.

Removes damage resistance.

Deals 100% the damage he took as true damage to all nearby foes.




Ability Two: Heartened Slash

Adamantium's claws deal more damage with for every point of hp that the target is missing.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: Passive


Level 1: Deals 0.035 additional true damage for every point of hp they are missing with every attack.

Level 2: Deals 0.07 additional true damage for every point of hp they are missing with every attack.

Level 3: Deals 0.105 additional true damage for every point of hp they are missing with every attack.

Level 4: Deals 0.14 additional true damage for every point of hp they are missing with every attack.


Effect: Deals true damage based on thier missing hp.

On Hit.




Ability Three: Portal of Darkness

Adamantium summons portals that let him teleport to wherever he wants, only he can enter through these portals though. Teleporting through portals has 3 second cast time. Summoning a new portal destroys the first one placed if he summons more then the cap.

Energy Cost: 180,180,180,180

Cooldown: 80,70,60,50.

Range: 3 unit


Level 1: Max of 2 portals.

Level 2: Max of 3 portals.

Level 3: Max of 4 portals.

Level 4: Max of 5 portals.


Effect: When you select portal, you have to select which portal your teleporting to.

3 second channel time to teleport.

Cast range of portals is 3 units.





Ultimate Ability: Shadow Swap

Adamantium swaps max % of hp with target foe, then deals bonus damage on his next physical attack.

Energy Cost: 250,350,450

Cooldown: 150,110,70

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 300 additional true damage on next attack.

Level 2: Deals 400 additional true damage on next attack.

Level 3: Deals 500 additional true damage on next attack.


Effect: Single target.

Swaps % Max hp.

Deals true damage to target foe on next hit.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!


Adamantium thought this hero idea would be cool, a powerful tank hunter that relies on missing hp.


Could be a possible shadow remake?

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Ability 2 at level 4 is either missing a 0 after the decimal, or is way stronger than the other levels.


Ultimate seems awesome, but very op to me. You run in, intentionally into an entire enemy team, wait till you are a microsecond away from death, then target enemy carry/vital hero, gain max hp, remove enemy hp to almost 0, then kill them with a single amplified AA, then make your jolly way home with some escape item such as a warp shard. An even scarier, albeit risker tactic would be to attack levi early on, take almost fatal damage, then run up to someone with Phase Cloak, and oneshot them with ultimate.


I really like the entire concept though.


EDIT: HOLY LUDICROUS BASE STATS!!! 3.3 m.s., 50 agility at level 1?!?!

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Well, maybe i slightly over did the agi...

I think i messed up the w slightly, im going to change it to different formula.

He has barely any int scaling which will be nerfed, so this means he will have to buy int items in order to use his skills.

Going to be changing it slightly.

Would this work as a shadow remake because people in IH really hate shadow?


Edit: I see what i did wrong, i added decimals infront of levels i didnt want to.

Edit 2: Changed scaling on W, and nerfed Int scaling as well as base STR

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Oh as another suggestion. I had a pretty similar hero concept that I scraped due to not having ideas for 2 skills, and I think that my idea of a heroic passive for this hero is better than yours, although you did the other skills better than I.




heroic Passive: Intimidate "Regardless of his actual health, Adamantium's health is always seen as 100% by his foes."

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Everybody complains about "ERRMAHGAWD TANKS ARE OP" so the second somebody makes a hero that kills tanks its op. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

It's Doom's HP so say its awesome to him :D.

What is op exactly? He relies for you to be low hp, and since tanks "are unkillable op people" it doesnt matter. Just dont hit him in a fight....

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Well lets start with Q, you gave him leos reflect with an extra 30% and made it an aura meaning it reflects to everyone instead of just the dmg dealer so it can be 5x as powerful as leos.


W average dmg endgame... around 400-500 after various resistances figure 250 dmg average attack. 35 bonus dmg on attack 2, attack 3, 72 attack 4 110 all true dmg you get the idea it escalates incredibly fast.



E Free transport talent to the enemies base aeon w/e anytime


R 500-800 additional true dmg, utterly unstoppable burst dealing dmg roughly equivalent to rancor or cypress, While having an insta HP swap thats also OP as flob on its own. If you had 2k hp and swapped the drake with 5k hp, Your attack would do 1220 true dmg to him, leaving him with 700hp not counting any dmg from your actual attack. Heck your next attack would do 602 true dmg just from the lost hp.

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All ignoring him would do i make his q ineffective, he still has all his other OP as flob skills. (the actual math on his reflect up to 7.3x as powerful as leos)


Every single one of them IS OP lol


Then of course theres his stats.... 3.3 base movement speed for instance.... fastest hero in the game has a 3.0

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100 billion energy cost, pretty expensive bro.


Must be a California based hero.


Why not just give him a standard racist ability.

R - Steal yo bike.

Requires no energy.

Cooldown: Until kid gets new bike or another kid with a bike appears.

Damage: Adam gets a new bike. Pally needs a ride to the movies.

Weak against: People with no bikes.


Now that would be OP!


P.S. Can I have my two bikes back Adam?



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Put his ultimate as 'shank mode', Passive smoker ability, gives extra hp/agility for decrease in int. And ofc a rap ability, which distracts enemies.


We'd need a translator for AoS players, which are probably 60% white. I feel for you Adam as a minority. Luckily I know this guy. Here's some of his work.





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