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We stick to trolling.

It's how we keep the threads rolling.

Raynor's Raiders patrolling.

Red Hydra controlling.

Shablagoo forever in holding.


Everyone complaining, saying that the new character ain't working.

They ain't playing him in ih cuz they say he's broken.

People start screaming, he needs reworking.

But by next week, what's this? another new character's lurking.


You get in the game, and say what's wrong with the path?

It's a straight line, no obstacles, you know Midnight supports the math.

That's when you die and respawn in the bubble bath.

Now you're just mad so you go into mumble and yell why Wrath!

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I swear this community is despicable

chasing people out with our ridicule

this used to be a place founded on fun and game

now its a competition to make others feel lame

the mumble crowd bullies spitting out hurtful names

i mean what else is there to do who is to blame?

must be the ones in charge; real authority gone missang

people like me spend'n time here have gone insane


like what do you expect with those attitudes

actin like y'all think you're just some real big dudes

pathetic is what you are sitting there in your chairs

acting like this is just the most trivial thing out there

but its not you see, there real work put into this

done by ekco, brax, wrath, and yet all you do is whine and boii


Taking things for granted flobi'n left and right

turning deaf ears to any one mans plight

to behave and just act genuinely nice

its no wonder afrikan left you stupid mice


that's right you're rats, vermin, the worst

i couldn't wish you upon anyone as a curse

its by far some of the most evil things that I've seen

boiiing about balance when the whole lot of you is obscene

i mean, what else is there to expect

from a bunch of kids who never learned respect

you act like your worth comes from a kill death ratio

all you're really doing is group self fellatio.




Not actually mad.

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