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Harro, I'm xSEnergy


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Name- xSEnergy, previously GaussianBeam

Server- NA

Origin- California


Favorite Hero- I play whatever I'm in the mood for. Usually if I have a bad game/rage I like to play System.Cypress so I can obliterate new users and blow their asses to kingdom come.


Heroes I usually play- Started Erekul and Micro; I play Shadow, Toximancer, Nova, Rory, Boros, Raynor, Cypress, Drake, and am a retired cow because I trapped too many of my own teammates


Favorite Item- Warp Shard :WarpShard: So i can be a big neko and run away in team fights when I'm low on health..... or whenever I feel like it. No really. Raynor and Rory are too fat to run around so they need something to help them run away from scary monsters and nice sprites


Computer Specs- I have a Dell XPS :D

Favorite Food- BBQ Pork, Roast Pork, Roast Duck, and Soy Sauce chicken with that weird ginger and green oily sauce.


Sports- Football, the only real (American football), running


Recently got an internship for product development and product design. Excited to start work in August~~~~

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