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[Poll] Jackson: Magnetic Link first or Chaos Theory first?


Jackson Combo Preference  

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  1. 1. What do you usually start your combo with?

    • Chaos Theory
    • Magnetic Link
    • Warp in with Aura+Nitrogen+SHM and stand there.

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Just curious on what ability people prefer to start with most of the time and why.


Starting with Magnetic Link would make an ult almost guaranteed on anyone in a 4 unit radius while lowering the chances of getting silenced/stunned while starting with Chaos Theory would keep the silence duration from being wasted.

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5 >4 so 5 goes first then 4 you have a link increase radius of 25%

Well yap, but I agree with Doom Theory if you warp in right position u can Link getting in a radius of 4 and then getting enemy stunned 1 sec if they tr to go out same as chaos casting time. It could be different if playing with no warp/ impact but i see it as a core. With impact Chaos can be first since the 1 sec casting time is ignored if you are impated when the casting time is ending ( but I m not skilled with impact so warp).
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Theres no right answer to this - its highly situational. Obviously if you can get your Ult off first then it has more potential, but link is instant silence so if you warp on someone who can get away in the next 1.5 seconds (either by warping themselves or just moving out of the Ult area) its better to link first. If you memorized a certain combo and can only execute that combo then you are selling yourself short.

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