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Hey peeps and players! I'm Leon also known as the game handle LunarSword. I just actually started playing on mumble just a few days ago. Well. Last night.


Name- LunarSword

Server- NA

Origin- Originally England now living in California

Favorite Hero- Rory (Guy is so fun. Slow but so fun)

Heroes I usually play- Erekul, Shadow, Toximancer, Zeratul, Nova, LZ, Garamond, Rory

Favorite Item- Lockbox

Computer Specs- I actually have no clue what my computer specs are. It's a Mac. They're pretty much all the same.

Favorite Food- Pasta

Sports- Football(soccer in the US), Archery, kendo, surfing, I'm a very active person

- I'm also a jazz musician and educator for a high school in my area. I'm a somewhat exciting person when I play. I like to joke around and stray away from AoS and I end up bringing up random topics.

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