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HoTS/WoL hero (depends on model


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- made!




- nerfed his E and R.




- changed r




- nerfed his E and R. again. actually i changed E.




- ??????????


Name: Biologicus.Industructible

Portrait: torrasque/stank

Unit Base: a pygalisk sized torrasque/stank

Type: Tank.

Script: a powerful tank, raised in a protoss tech-like lab by the dominion, the dominion stole a larva from the overmind, and made the larva change into an stank, but they had genetically modifyed the stank to make it more psionically capable, but smaller. however, the dominion abused the stank and made his training extremely tough, and biologicus eventually lashed out in fury at them, freeing from its cage, and now walks a path of destruction and fury. Comfr was so amazed at this creature. If it could shrug off stuns and even turn them into health, and even reduce true damage, what IS this beasts full power? could it be powerful enough that it could destroy a universe? he had decided to make a room for this "Special guest" while he went to the "Forums".


Starting Stats:

Base Health – [300]

Movement Speed – [2.85]

Attack Range – [1]

Attack Speed – [1.8]

Base Damage – [30]

Base Armor – [3]

Strength – [30] + [7]

Agility – [22] + [5]

Intelligence – [15] + [3]






Heroic Passive: Angered Shell



"The rage building up inside of him acts like a shield against stuns, roots, and slows."


Effect: immune to slows, roots, stuns, and the like. when they try to root/slow/stun him, he gains 1 energy(0.5+ every 10 str, and 5 HP(+2.5 every 5 str). the HP gain cant be triggered by fields if possable. if it isnt, then make the HP gain be instead 0.5(+0.25 every 5 str), this passive is a solid counter against nova's ult.


Scientist notes: it has seemed to somehow refused to be forced to slow down, it has become so defiant, that slowing him, rooting him, or even stunning him, seems to be asorbed into itself.


the slowing field seems to not slow him, but its hard to tell if it gained hp from being in the field, however, it did get focused in there, and it gained a small bit of energy when we hit him with a stun or the likes.


We did one test with novas ult, and our computers kept glitching when nova did her ult, so we had to figure it out the old fasioned way, however we were so confused, that we are now currently finding a way to have our computers not glitch.



Ability One: Healing Rage


"His rage is more than used to attack, he can also force his rage into fixing his wounds.

Energy Cost: 65

Cooldown: 30 sec

Range: himself


Level 1: heals 10(+25%STR) HP every second for 2 seconds.

Level 2: heals 12.5(+50%str) HP every second for 4 seconds

Level 3: heals 15 (+75%str) HP every second for 4 seconds

Level 4: heals 20 (+100% STR) HP every second every 5 seconds.


Effect: its a heal.


Scientist Notes: it somehow though sheer force of its body, forces the body itself to fuse together 2 peices of its membrane. this is astounding! as much as the dominion knows its dangerous, they are too greedy for knowlege and power, personally, those finding out about how powerful this thing is can make them greedy for it, still, by SHEER Strength it fuses together wounds.


we have hired comfr to study this amazing beast, but he seems to have a engine problem, oh well, more pay I guess, i can only assume that the 2 ends becomes suddenly magnetized and are pulled to each other. this seems to be a stronger version of what the medic does.



Ability Two: Damage Deflect


"deflect a part of your damage, leaving you with more health, then either boost an allied attacks, or deal damage to enemies."

Energy Cost: 110

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Range: self/11 units


Level 1: uproots up to 450(+15% STR) damage over 4 seconds, every 25 damage uprooted deals either 5 true damage, or increase damage by 1, and increase duration by 0.25 seconds.

Level 2: uproots up to 500(+20% STR) damage over 4.5 seconds, every 22.5 damage uprooted deals either 7.5 true damage, or increase damage by 1.25, and increase duration by 0.35 seconds.

Level 3: uproots up to 550(+25% STR) damage over 5 seconds, every 20 damage uprooted deals either 10 true damage, or increase damage by 1.5, and increase duration by 0.45 seconds.

Level 4: uproots up to 600(+30% STR) damage over 5.5 seconds, every 17.5 damage uprooted deals either 12.5 true damage, or increase damage by 2, and increase duration by 0.55 seconds.


Effect: either moves your damage to an enemy, or infuse the damage with your allies damage!


Scientist notes: its so amazing its able to command its own wounds to move to another target, or infuse it into a weapon, infact, we've been able to explain the infusing.


the force that a target takes is usually all that is needed to kill, however, the user has special armor that is linked to his or her weapon, then, some of the force would be applied from the hit out from the gun.




Ability Three: Mutated Roar


"Grab attention of enemy creeps and heroes! also make you angrier, and tougher"

Energy Cost: 85/75/65/55

Cooldown: 12.5/10/7.5/5

Range: 7/8/9/10 units


Level 1: grab attention of enemy units for 5 seconds and passively gain 20 STR and 10% physical and spell resistance

Level 2: grab attention of enemy units for 6 seconds and passively gain 32.5 STR and 15% physical and spell resistance

Level 3: grab attention of enemy units for 7 seconds and passively gain 45 STR and 20% physical and spell resistance

Level 4: grab attention of enemy units for 8 seconds and passively gain 57.5 STR and 25% physical and spell resistance


Effect: Grabbing attention of enemies.




Ultimate Ability: Ultimate Carapace


"Liferegen and life? Those two are in here."

Energy Cost: passive

Cooldown: passive

Range: self


Level 1: gain 250+ HP, gain 1+ life regen

Level 2: gain 500+ HP, gain 2.5+ life regen

Level 3: gain 750+ HP, gain 5+ life regen


Effect: Increase Life? ok.





Additional Information: this is my first hero, so keep that in mind. should i use the torrasque? or use the stank model?



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r is passive, and how is it not fine?

lets think, you take 36% less damage from a source that is defined as "Damage not reduced by any factors"

It also passively takes almost half damage from all other sources, it would be literally impossible to kill with some tank items.

That is kind of the point of true damage, to get around high resistance heroes.


A good way to guage how good this hero will be is to look at existing heroes and how good they are. Tychus has the highest Resistance in one skill, and it is an ability that only reduces physical. Most other tanks only get lots of hp aswell.

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