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Hello there


I cant be the only one with this idea or suggestion.

Could there maybe be a new map to play on?

I really love playing Aeon of Storms, but a map change could be cool.

Maybe even change the farming/jungle creeps?



Idea: Ice/snow map ? :)



Best Regards Div

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the only way to do this in a single game is to map two maps in a single map if that makes sense, and currently the AOS map is to big to do this so for it to work the map would need to be smaller, And i dont think thats a direction eco wants to go in, Its a lot of work



I and others have a concern with how narrow the ramp and choke points are at the tier 3 tower but it wont be adressed because to make them wider would require a lot of revamp to the map it self and just a pain in the butt

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Years ago, I made maps for broodwarmaps.net and the SCMDraft 2 editor had an easy to use terrain replacement feature, which was only really glitchy on custom made ramps. If SC2 editors have a simple terrain swap that is the only way I see it happening. Otherwise, tedium to the max.


damnnn I loved SCMDraft 2 ♥

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The period inbetween words threw me off. I thought this was a hero suggestion!

Yes he has the power to alter the terrain of the map

Spawning destructible rocks, water hazards etc.


Its super b.i.t.c.h.y in fights but its balanced by his low dps


(actually this could be kind of cool, esp adding water for grunty)

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