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[1.35+] Plasmus.Eldor, Death by Stillness


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Hero Portrait



Hero Unit Base






Table of Contents...


I. Storyline

II. Hero Introduction

III. Basic Information

  • Basics
  • Starting Stats
  • Growth Numbers

IV. Abilities

  • Heroic Passive: Ionization
  • 1st (Q) Ability: Gaseous Belch
  • 2nd (W) Ability: Focused Flare
  • 3rd (E) Ability: Luminescence
  • Ultimate ® Ability: Ion Friction

V. Pros & Cons

VI. Gameplay (Guide)

  • Ability Usage & Synergy
  • Ability Combos
  • How to Engage / Counter
  • Item Build

VII. Artistic Direction

  • Hero Base; Idea and Concept
  • Icons; Relation to the Command Card
  • Abilities; Actions and Effects
  • Formatting
  • Disclaimers

VIII. Summary & Conclusion

IX. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

X. Quick Walkthrough (go here if you don't want to read in detail)




I. Storyline...


The Koprulu Sector is one of the few sectors that contain life. Life existing in this sector is adaptive, powerful, and versatile, due to the extreme variety of planet conditions. Apart from the Protoss, Zerg, and Terran, a special type of creature was able to survive, even if it's one of a kind left. Eldor, a plasma being, did everything to survive. He had tried different syntheses but only the Protoss synthesis has suited him well.


Eldor lost a good portion of his original traits. His new Protoss nature gives him a more effective way to dish his powers, which is by psionic ionization. He soon bore free from the Protoss control, and set his own ways, consuming energy each chance he gets, to be later dished out for his survival. He suddenly asked himself what was his purpose, after all religion and belief in the Khala. By this, he eagerly dished away his thoughts in the Aeon of Storms.



Eldor's Protoss Colony




Protoss Gene Variety




II. Hero Introduction


Plasmus.Eldor is a plasma elemental held in a Protoss form. He is part of my soon-to-come Elemental Series, containing the following heroes:

  1. Crystal.Cartus - the old Fenix. I'll just change his name, revamp him a little.
  2. Plasmus.Eldor - this hero.
  3. Cosmic.Memnos - the cosmic hero I had posted. I'll make major revamps to improve the quality.
  4. Genetic.Maximus - a 6-active suggestion that I am considering. His focus is on the Zerg biosphere.
  5. Vibron.Talmon - a hero that is based on vibration and sound.

Plasmus.Eldor is basically a pure caster. He could go simply a damage caster, or a support caster. The concepts introduced are:

  • Bind - silencing and disarming opponents
  • Motion-based Effect - the effect is purely based on movement, toward or away from him.
  • Projectile Dual Nature - having two or more of a projectile creates a special effect between them.
  • Projectile Gravity - a minor-looking effect that slowly pulls projectiles toward a specific center of gravity.
  • Effect Radius Increase - increased effect radius by enhancing his passive.
  • Stillness Range Increase - increased spell effect range and partially weapon range after standing still.

Plasmus.Eldor introduces the idea of advanced projectile physics. All of his abilities depend on it except his ultimate, which acts as a support to all his abilities. Motion-based Effect, Bind and Effect Radius Increase are simple concepts that I tweaked to make them more original, which may be implied on other Action RTS (Real Time Strategy) games. Projectile Dual Nature, Projectile Gravity, and Stillness Range Increase are new concepts to me, because I have not seen them in other games (Shadow.Geminus's Shadow Vortex is an exception because it removes units and projectiles for a short period).




III. Basic Information



  • Name: Plasmus.Eldor
  • Role: INT-based Support/Damage Caster
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Themes: Plasma, Ions, Energy, Ionized Gas, Gas

Starting Stats...

These are the stats that he begins with at the start of the game, after all computations based on the Growth Numbers.

  • Health: 510
  • Energy: 280
  • Movement Speed: 2.9
  • Attack Range: 5
  • Attack Speed: 1.8
  • Damage: 52
  • Armor: 6.86
  • Strength: 21
  • Agility: 24
  • Intelligence: 40

Growth Numbers...

The values which each type of growth on the hero per level and Starting Stats are determined are called Growth Numbers.

  • Weapon Range: 5
  • Weapon Base Damage: 32
  • Weapon Damage Growth: 1
  • Weapon Speed: 1.9
  • Base Armor: 3.5
  • Armor Growth: 0.5
  • Base Life: 300
  • Base Energy: 0
  • Movement Speed: 2.9
  • STR Growth: 4
  • AGI Growth: 4.5
  • INT Growth: 7



IV. Abilities...


Heroic Passive: Ionization

1st (Q) Ability: Gaseous Belch

2nd (W) Ability: Focused Flare

3rd (E) Ability: Luminescence

Ultimate ® Ability: Ion Friction





Command Card/Icon Configuration:

The idea is that there is a smooth transition between hardcore green to psionic effects. His two main damage spells are not psionic, while his support spells are psionic. They somehow complement to the name of the ability, too.



HP: Ionization

"For each second Eldor stands still, his ion charges are increased, increasing the cast range of the next targeted ability cast by 1, and increasing his weapon range by 0.5 until the next targeted ability is cast or he is stunned/silenced. Caps at 4 stacks."

  • Effect Duration: until you cast an ability or you receive stun/silence
  • Benefit Per Stack: +1 cast / ability projectile range, +0.5 weapon range
  • Maximum Stacks: 4

Detailed Explanation: Standing still is one aspect of the game which is way overlooked. In this concept, he gains an advantage for standing still, shifting him to more of a long-range caster. The effect is applied after every whole game second, so capping it would take around 2.8 real seconds. Getting timescale for this would be possible, as it also makes his other abilities more spammable. A good drawback is that you may only apply this on your first spell cast, that means your Luminescence will not active this ability. Another drawback is that it is countered by stuns or silences, making it seem as if it was channeled, but it is not. Please take note that the stacks do not go away until he casts a spell or gets stunned/silenced. Although standing still is a not good action in high-level play, this hero brings it to life.


Note: all the "seconds" mentioned without an aforementioned detail refer to game seconds, wherein game seconds are approximately 0.7 real seconds.





Q: Gaseous Belch

"Unleash a projectile leaking a line of dangerous gases, dealing more spell damage and binding units longer the farther it has traveled. Bound units cannot attack and are silenced. Possesses a 1 second base bind, and 8 cast range."

Level 1. 30 [+45% INT] base damage, +10 [+7% INT] damage and 0.20 second bind per unit distance.

Level 2. 40 [+45% INT] base damage, +15 [+7% INT] damage and 0.25 second bind per unit distance.

Level 3. 50 [+45% INT] base damage, +20 [+7% INT] damage and 0.30 second bind per unit distance.

Level 4. 60 [+45% INT] base damage, +25 [+7% INT] damage and 0.35 second bind per unit distance.

  • Energy Cost: 80/90/100/110
  • Cooldown: 21
  • Effect Range: 8
  • Effect Width: 2
  • Cast Time: 0.25

Skill Scaling


Skill Level Energy Cost Base Damage Base Bind Time Bonus Damage* Bind Time*

[td]1[/td][td]80[/td][td]30 [+45% INT][/td][td]1 second[/td][td]+10 [+7% INT][/td][td]0.20 second[/td]

[td]2[/td][td]90[/td][td]40 [+45% INT][/td][td]1 second[/td][td]+15 [+7% INT][/td][td]0.25 second[/td]

[td]3[/td][td]100[/td][td]50 [+45% INT][/td][td]1 second[/td][td]+20 [+7% INT][/td][td]0.30 second[/td]

[td]4[/td][td]110[/td][td]60 [+45% INT][/td][td]1 second[/td][td]+25 [+7% INT][/td][td]0.35 second[/td]


*per unit distance traveled of the projectile


Detailed Explanation: This may seem like any other linear effect, but it is not. Casting Gaseous Belch with a 0.25 second cast time is almost negligible, but it is just used to prepare the projectile. The projectile travels at 5 units distance per second, with a constant 2 units width. A unit will never receive just the base damage because it must travel at least 1 unit to reach the enemy, meaning any units that replace the position of Plasmus.Eldor upon sending the projectile will not take damage. This could potentially deal 260 [+100% INT] spell damage and bind for 3.80 seconds at 8 units range, after about 1.60 game seconds of projectile travel. With the bonus of the heroic passive capped, it could potentially deal up to 360 [+140% INT] spell damage and bind for 5.20 seconds at 12 units range, after an about 2.40 game second travel time. The slow travel of the projectile makes this a difficult but rewarding skillshot.


Note: all the "seconds" mentioned without an aforementioned detail refer to game seconds, wherein game seconds are approximately 0.7 real seconds.




W: Focused Flare

"Bear a concentrated orb of plasma toward the target direction, splashing upon hitting a unit. If two or more flares are present traveling, they create an arc between them that binds enemies for 2.5 seconds and dealing 100 [+40% INT] spell damage. Has up to 3 charges, 10 units maximum distance."

Level 1. Deals 60 [+40% INT] spell damage.

Level 2. Deals 80 [+40% INT] spell damage.

Level 3. Deals 100 [+40% INT] spell damage.

Level 4. Deals 120 [+40% INT] spell damage.

  • Energy Cost: 25/30/35/40
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Effect Range: 10 units
  • Flare Diameter: 2.00 units
  • Explosion Diameter: 2.25 units
  • Cast Time: 0 (can be cast while moving)

Detailed Explanation: Focused Flare is a good long-range AoE damage ability which can be used to clear waves. It is a simple-looking ability, but complex to use. It can be used to deal damage in an area for a low price or use two at the same time, traveling at opposite directions. For clarification, an arc is simply a line connecting the projectiles, giving the effect if units pass it or vice versa. Between these two projectiles creates a line dealing 100 [+40% INT] spell damage and binding units for 2.5 seconds. This is a very interesting and profound ability that could be combined with the effect of Luminescence's pull already on an enemy unit to bind it for 2.5 seconds, deal 100 [+40% INT] damage with the arc and end up with the two projectiles being pulled to the target, dealing 240 [+80% INT] more spell damage for barely a regular cooldown and energy cost. Of course, that combo is quite difficult to land without a Schrodinger's Lockbox. You can also send the projectiles one after another, in any fashion. 3 projectiles can link together to form a triangle, possibly dealing the bind twice and three splashes, or 560 [+200% INT] damage, but being very difficult to land. Another factor is that several units may have the pull effect, manipulating projectiles in a complex way. The projectiles are orbs that travel at a rate of 4.75 per second and the arc is 1.75 units thick.


Note: all the "seconds" mentioned without an aforementioned detail refer to game seconds, wherein game seconds are approximately 0.7 real seconds.




E: Luminescence

"Passively enhances your gas powers, increasing the area of effect of all abilities. Actively, let your next ability shine UV on the targets hit, with bonus spell damage. This also adds a "Luminescence" debuff that attracts plasma projectiles for 4 seconds."

Level 1. 15% greater area of effect for all abilities. [+15% INT] bonus damage and 0.875 unit distance per second attraction.

Level 2. 20% greater area of effect for all abilities. [+30% INT] bonus damage and 1.250 unit distance per second attraction.

Level 3. 25% greater area of effect for all abilities. [+45% INT] bonus damage and 1.625 unit distance per second attraction.

Level 4. 30% greater area of effect for all abilities. [+60% INT] bonus damage and 2.000 unit distance per second attraction.

  • Energy Cost: 40/50/60/70
  • Cooldown: 12
  • Effect Duration: 16 game seconds ||
  • Pull Range: 3 unit radius
  • Pull Rate: 0.55/0.70/0.85/1.00 units per second
  • Cast Time: Instant

Detailed Explanation: Luminescence is a pure utility ability. It passively increases the area of effect of all abilities, as shown here:

  • Q: Gaseous Belch - from width of 2 to width of 2.30/2.40/2.50/2.60
  • W: Focused Flare - flare diameter is not increased, explosion diameter from 2.25 to 2.5875/2.7/2.8125/2.925
  • E: Luminescence - pull range from 3 to 3.45/3.60/3.75/3.90
  • R: Ion Friction - effect radius from 2.50 to 2.875/3/3.125/3.25, friction radius from 10 to 11.5/12/12.5/13

It also increases the damage on the next ability used, according to INT scaling. The bonus damage is fairly large at late game. It also applies a pull debuff that attracts your projectiles toward the center of gravity of the units affected, observing the law of conservation of momentum. This way, the projectile direction is bent and pulled slightly nearer to the units yet still going in a straight line after the bend. If several units have this debuff, the projectile is pulled toward the center of gravity. The pull does not alter the distance the ability should travel.


Note: all the "seconds" mentioned without an aforementioned detail refer to game seconds, wherein game seconds are approximately 0.7 real seconds.



R: Ion Friction

"After channeling energies for 1.4 seconds, cause units in a target area to sustain friction, dealing damage if they move toward Eldor, but taking no effect if they move farther. This applies also for Eldor approaching his target. Lasts 6 seconds and effects sustain only up to 10 units away from Eldor."

Level 1. 50 [+16% INT] damage per unit moved away.

Level 2. 70 [+16% INT] damage per unit moved away.

Level 3. 90 [+16% INT] damage per unit moved away.

  • Energy Cost: 175/300/425
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Effect Duration: 7 game seconds
  • Effect Radius: 2.50 unit radius
  • Friction Range: 10 units
  • Cast Time: 1.4 game seconds || 1.0 real second

Detailed Explanation: This may look out-of-synergy with all his other abilities, but the effect is implied. Being "bound" means you can only move, and not cast, attack, etc. That means your opponents will suffer decent damage by moving toward you, or giving you a good volley with them standing still. One hard-counter is warp shard, but complex stop-move play also works. This ability is simplistic in nature but gives a well-implied advantage, even in team fights. The reason why the damage may seem a bit high is because the effect radius is quite low for a 1 second real time channeling ability, as with the effect duration.


Note: all the "seconds" mentioned without an aforementioned detail refer to game seconds, wherein game seconds are approximately 0.7 real seconds.



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Part #2




V. Pros & Cons...



  • has an amazing spell damage output
  • has multiple sources to imply a disable or fake one
  • can be played easily for beginners or excellently if mastered
  • good farmer, all abilities are area of effect
  • dishes out his abilities from long range
  • has bind which can be countered only by debuff immunity
  • binding enemy creeps causes them to pause, not aggroing you
  • scales very well with INT


  • easily countered by spell resistance
  • disables effectively wash him away
  • strategic backstab engagements kill him easily
  • very squishy, no healing nor resistance
  • silence, energy drain or another bind renders him useless
  • fair range if heroic passive is not at capped stacks
  • has to keep still to improve his play



VI. Gameplay...


Ability Usage & Synergy

Plasmus.Eldor excels at diminishing the life of the challenger at long range. His abilities can be used in several ways to be effective. Here's a list of some combinations under the appropriate situation:


Clearing Creep Waves

  1. Use Focused Flare on the ranged creeps only if you want them for free.
  2. Focused Flare is good for last-hitting. If you send two Focused Flares, make sure to distance them so the whole wave receives 100 [+40% INT] spell damage and is bound for 2.5 seconds.
  3. Gaseous Belch can be used from a far range to deal massive amounts of damage to the wave when necessary.
  4. To clear a creep wave quickly, use Gaseous Belch > Focused Flare (2) at opposite directions > Focused Flare (1) for last hit.
  5. When you need to eradicate an advancing wave to your tower, use Ion Friction and run a safe distance toward your enemy, harassing him at the same time with the spell damage amplification.

Clearing Neutral Creeps

  1. Use Gaseous Belch from afar to begin the attack, then follow up with auto attacks and finish with Focused Flare.
  2. Use Ion Friction from afar, then walk close up. Spam Focused Flare until only the main creep is left, then run away to deal more damage.
  3. Use Luminescence for Gaseous Belch and sneak up two Focused Flares from the sides, lining up the 100 [+40% INT] spell damage then being attracted to the neutral creeps, killing them.

Harassing Enemy Heroes

  1. Send two Focused Flares side by side, or distances apart. This way, you can prevent them from last hitting.
  2. Use Gaseous Belch when you see a possible creep kill and the enemy hero in line.
  3. Apply Ion Friction, then run forward, then backward, amplifying spell damage then dealing spell damage.
  4. Wait for 4 game seconds, and apply a long range Gaseous Belch.
  5. Wait for 4 game seconds, then apply two Focused Flares, one after another, to create a diagonal arc.
  6. Throw three Focused Flares one after another, forming a death triangle.

Chasing Enemy Heroes

  1. Use Focused Flare with Luminescence for chasing, then following up with Gaseous Belch.
  2. Apply two Focused Flares in a V shape, creating a long non-dodge-able line of 100 [+40% INT] spell damage.
  3. Use Ion Friction if time allows, just before an expected chase. Then further cast spells in place since they are receiving damage for running away.
  4. If 4 stacks of Ionization are already charged, it is better to use it for two Focused Flares with one on Luminescence than to use Gaseous Belch.
  5. If you're low on energy, wait out 1 game second and throw a final Focused Flare if the damage would allow.

Running Away

  1. Throw two Focused Flares, one on both directions, to force the passage to a line which binds them, disabling their attack and spells.
  2. Use Ion Friction if he starts chasing you from a far range, so damage will be severely amplified until you break him with your spells.
  3. In a desperate situation where 2 Focused Flares are not available, cast Gaseous Belch a little bit to the side because casting at front gives a chance not to hit.

Aiding an Ally

  1. Use Ion Friction first, before anything else, to amplify the spell damage on the approaching enemy. Then release a Gaseous Belch, and throw two Focused Flares side by side after.
  2. Simply keeping a far distance from the chasing hero will make Gaseous Belch good enough to stop any form of CC, mobility or attack.
  3. Using Ion Friction itself and constantly moving toward the opponent and stopping will be good enough to hold. If you add Luminescence it could deal more damage at the beginning too.

Team Fights

  1. To start off at a team fight, use your Ion Friction. It is best to stay still for 4 game seconds then using Luminescence + Gaseous Belch, as it will let your Focused Flares hit better. It is more logical to send two Focused Flares in a 90 degree angle from Eldor because a 2.5 second bind is really worth it. if you have decided not to use Luminescence during Gaseous Belch, then you could use it for one Focused Flare to deal 100 [+110% INT] damage instead, as a sure hit.
  2. When in a losing position, try throwing two Focused Flares in opposite directions to stop them from moving or being bound for 2.5 seconds. This effect should last about 2.5 seconds. Also, never try to charge your Ionization stacks during a losing position, as it is better to channel Ion Friction which could have recently cooled off at that moment.
  3. When in a winning position, Ion Friction could do everything for you. Try using Luminescence before it to deal [+70% INT] initial damage, which could be good enough to end their lives. Don't further chase when they are losing, just throw your Ionized Gaseous Belch and Focused Flares, since they'll be receiving additional damage by running away.

Ability Combos

Plasmus.Eldor could use multiple combos with his array of abilities. There are just so many possibilities, and most of them are derived from the previous section. Here's some of the possible and viable combos. Values within braces state the maximum damage value assuming all abilities are capped. Values in orange are regular combos, values in red are harder to achieve but more rewarding, while values in blue are very hard to achieve thus very rewarding.


Twin Set

  1. Ionization > Gaseous Belch {360 [+140% INT], 5.20 bind}
  2. Luminescence > Gaseous Belch {260 [+170% INT], 3.80 bind}
  3. Luminescence > 2x Focused Flare 90 degrees {340 [+260% INT], 2.5 bind}
  4. Luminescence > Ion Friction {1040 [+230% INT]} or {[+70% INT], 91% spell damage amplification}
  5. Ion Friction > Gaseous Belch {1300 [+260% INT], 3.80 bind} or {260 [+100% INT], 3.80 bind, 91% spell damage amplification}
  6. Ion Friction > 2x Focused Flare 90 degrees {1280 [+280% INT], 2.5 bind}

Triple Set

  1. Ionization > Gaseous Belch > 2x Focused Flare 90 degrees
  2. Ionization > Luminescence > 3x Focused Flare triangle
  3. Ionization > Luminescence > Gaseous Belch
  4. Ionization > Gaseous Belch > Ion Friction
  5. Luminescence > Gaseous Belch > Ion Friction
  6. Luminescence > Ion Friction > 2x Focused Flare
  7. Luminescence > Gaseous Belch > 2x Focused Flare 90 degrees

I'm working on it now! :D

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I would suggest you make Q travel slightly faster. 4 units per second would mean 4 movement speed, which is only as fast as a Phase Cloaked Zeratul with Star Treks. 5~6 movement speed would be sufficient.


P.S Cursive font for the hero name looks kinda out of place.

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Hmph. I just realized this post is not getting a flow of comments. I believe the same happened to Ash.Khastiana. Do you think people don't understand the concept or something? Is he to complex? Because at the moment if you try out this hero he seems more simple than Roulette.Jackson.

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Hmph. I just realized this post is not getting a flow of comments. I believe the same happened to Ash.Khastiana. Do you think people don't understand the concept or something? Is he to complex? Because at the moment if you try out this hero he seems more simple than Roulette.Jackson.

Well, I think most posts on hero suggestions are actually criticisms(90% of mine are). I've sort of run out of stuff to criticize for this.

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1.4 game seconds as channeling time is equivalent to 1 real second. I thought that model would look cool because he'd be unleashing awesome projectiles with that gigantic hand cannon, and when using his ultimate he shoots in the air for 1.4 game seconds, instantly applying the effect on the target area. The heroic passive looks like chrono boost, and Luminescence adds a special effect when casting the projectile.


I wonder how he is weaker on higher levels of play. You don't always need to ionize, as your spells are good even without it. You can approach a fight with full stacks of Ionization, too, to launch his Gaseous Belch. His spells are utilized at an okay rate for beginners, a good rate for pubstars and low inhousers, and excellently with master-level play.


I thank you for the praise on this hero suggestion, and I hope more people send reviews and criticisms on this hero suggestion. The views really concern me- and the reviews.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

It's time to revisit this old brother and finish him up. A lot of work, but since I can't go on SC2 for reasons beyond my control, I have no better thing to do. I hope it pleases the people, since it already gets a ton of views as a single suggestion itself :D


I will also make a suggestion summary, for the people who do not want to read through it all. I want to make my suggestion OPEN TO ALL. :D

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I like the hero, but holy shap batman! there are quite a bit of complex algorithms for the developers here. Some of the ideas a sweet such as the W's ability to arch or the amount of utility the E can provide, but damn thats quite a bit of complex programing although i am not sure how it works exactly (Just thinking of the formula to make the W work makes me dizzy, if 1 x if 2 x+y if 3). Another thing, you are promoting "Stop-Play" as a valid counter to the ultimate? That would indirectly or directly promote a mechanic that is currently banned from most competitive play. On top of that, it provides too much of an advantage -as an enemy you are damned if you move basically. Consider this suggestion as a criticism to the hero's complexity and it's feasibility towards implementation. Other than that, this is one of the stronger hero suggestions out there.

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It's pretty much the ultimate that sucks. The reason why I haven't continued is because I'm trying a new ultimate. His skill set is pretty great without the ultimate, so I'm needing a fix.


He's not as OP as you think though. The projectiles are easy to dodge. He sucks at melee range. He has no durability. He doesn't scale too well with items since there are no long-range items.


Maybe if I make his ultimate shove off his melee weakness for a sec would that help? Something like you increase the range of his abilities for 6 secs and shove away his targets? Or something that causes him to push nearby units if he casts a spell?


Edit: It musn't be an AoE active, since he has so many. They're all skillshots too.

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Good hero exept for maybe the cooldown on belch? seems a bit to high for me, maybe increase its CD by 7-10 seconds because currently it means he could use that skill twice per wave while laning meaning he can do a possible 300-500 damage per wave in AoE (not even counting the flares) which is a bit much but other then that he seems quite ok.

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Well, not a major nerf as to 7~10, but scaling would work better, won't it? :P


I don't need to change the ultimate after all. I could just rework the damage values and remove the damage amplification, dealing damage only when the target moves toward Eldor. That way, he breaks off of his CQC (Close-Quarters Combat) weakness if he is able to cast his ultimate in time at a fair distance.

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Plane Walker, Arios

Arios was a Protoss scientist exploring the secrets of the void trying to find a way for the Protoss ships not only to move without being seen, but also to be untouchable. He was at an anomaly the Protoss had discovered off of one of their colonies, and he went to inspect. He was sucked into a pool of energy at the point of the anomaly and came out, literally not all there. He came back to tell his fellow Protoss about his discovery but he was rejected as mad, and thrown into deep space to die. He walked planes in space struggling to understand how all of this had happened while a rage at this affront boiled inside him, years into his travels he found an inhabited planet, and set down upon it covering the planet in lightning storms, burning the planet to ashes, then freezing it over, he was captured soon after, and forced to fight in the Aeon of Storms.


Range is medium, and class is Intellect, though you can build to be a tank with spell leech.


Heroic Ability/Passive: (Q) Arios can walk 3 different planes, fire, ice, and shock. Each phase affects his abilities.


Q: Passive: While walking in fire, all spells do 10 more damage (+15%int) over 15 seconds

While walking the frost plane, all spells slow the target enemy (ies) by 10% (+5%int up to 75% slow) also the effect stacks for up to 75% for each time the target enemy is hit.

While walking the lighting plane, all enemies lose 5% attack speed (+5%int up to 60%) the effect will also stack up to 60% lost attack speed each time the target is hit.

W: (plane) Lance (ex: lighting lance)

A skill shot with 40 yard range, dealing 30 (+50%int) and according the active plane

Level 1: 30(+50%int) 8 second cool down costs 50 energy

Level 2: 45(+50%int) 7 second cool down costs 50 energy

Level 3: 60(+50%int) 6 second cool down costs 60 energy

Level 4: 75(+60%int) 5 second cool down costs 70 energy

E: Circle of (plane) (ex: Circle of Fire)

The target location is affected for (x) amount of seconds depending on plane with 2 charges before incurring a cool down

Level 1: 15 damage per second (+15%int) in an 8 yard radius for 5 seconds, 8 second cool down 100 energy

Level 2: 25 damage per second (+15%int) in a 9 yard radius for 6 seconds, 8 second cool down 125 energy

Level 3: 35 damage per second (+15%int) in a 10 yard radius for 7 seconds, 8 second cool down 150 energy

Level 4: 45 damage per second (+15%int) in a 10 yard radius for 8 seconds, 8 second cool down 200 energy

R: Shadow Plane walk,

Arios walks the shadow plane taking reduced damage from all sources.

Level 1: Arios takes 50 % damage from all sources and every time he takes damage his movement and attack speed is increased by 10% up to 100% additional movement and attack speed. 4 minute cool down

Level 2: Arios takes 50 % damage from all sources and every time he takes damage his movement and attack speed is increased by 10% up to 100% additional movement and attack speed.3 minute cool down

Level 3: Arios takes 50 % damage from all sources and every time he takes damage his movement and attack speed is increased by 10% up to 100% additional movement and attack speed. 2 minute cool down


4 late game items that come to mind for this hero would be: Isomorphic Pyre because of such a high potential attack speed, Ilhan Crystal the int scaling on that item is just ridiculous, Sun flare Gun since he would greatly benefit from spell leech because of his “E”, And a Nitrogen Retrofit to make him a little tankier.

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