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Date 3/19/2013

- Began creation ^-^


Name: Heaven.Rain

Portrait: Zealot

Unit Base: Zealot carrying a blade (similar to anti mage's) with 2 arrows on his back that make a X. White Snow tint if possible.

Type: Support/Carry/Initiator/Escape/Tank

Script: -insert something cool here-


Starting Stats:

Base Health 265

Movement Speed 3.01

Attack Range 1.25

Attack Speed – 1.7

Base Damage 60

Attack Name | Animation - Slash (slashes his blade)

Base Armor 5

Strength – 12+(11)

Agility – 15+(10)

Intelligence – 30+(2)




Heroic Passive: Heaven's Rain

HeavenRain causes the Heaven to Rain, dropping impassible rocks behind him when he runs, that last 4 seconds, drops 1 rock every 3 seconds, whenever he attacks a foe, he drops a rock on thier head dealing (Lvl*1)*5


Effect: Drops Rocks.

Rocks 1.3 units in diameter.





Ability One: Godly Arrow

HeavenRain is blessed with the power of godly arrows, and using this power, he shoots one of them, stunning in a larger AoE for the further it travels. Stuns for 3 seconds.

Energy Cost: 70,80,90,100

Cooldown: 45,40,35,30

Range: Global


Level 1: Deals 30+(40%INT) spell damage to every target it hits.

Level 2: Deals 30+(40%INT) spell damage to every target it hits.

Level 3: Deals 30+(40%INT) spell damage to every target it hits.

Level 4: Deals 30+(40%INT) spell damage to every target it hits.


Effect: Skill shot.

Arrow is 0.3 units wide.

Arrow is 4 units long.

Arrow travels at 7 units/second.

Ratio is 0.3 units in diameter for every 5 units traveled.




Ability Two: Multi Shot

HeavenRain's awesome and powerful weapon causes him to shoot arrows 36 around himself 1 for every 1 degrees, every little bit. These arrows can travel through multiple units.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: Passive


Level 1: Arrows deal 10+(30%INT) spell damage. Strike interval is 13 seconds.

Level 2: Arrows deal 15+(30%INT) spell damage. Strike interval is 12 seconds.

Level 3: Arrows deal 20+(30%INT) spell damage. Strike interval is 11 seconds.

Level 4: Arrows deal 25+(30%INT) spell damage. Strike interval is 10 seconds.


Effect: Check the Q for stats on arrow size.

Can hit multiple targets.

Arrows travel for 7 units.

See shadow fiend ulti for details on how it would look. (dota 2)




Ability Three: Banishment!

HeavenRain uses his godly powers to banish target unit, making them immune from damage, debuff immunity, but also disarming them, and silencing them during this time.

Energy Cost: 90,100,110,120

Cooldown: 20,18,16,14

Range: 7


Level 1: Banishes for 2 seconds.

Level 2: Banishes for 2.7 seconds.

Level 3: Banishes for 3.5 seconds.

Level 4: Banishes for 4.2 seconds.


Effect: Can be used on friendlies.

Single Target.

7 cast range.




Ultimate Ability: Gods Ring

HeavenRain was blessed by god himself, gaining the power to create a ring that traps enemies in a ring 3 units away from him, and pushes enemy units 4 units away by 0.3 units, and stunning for 0.001 seconds. Also reduces the strike interval of Multi Shot.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: 3 around him for trap, 4 for pushing.


Level 1: Reduces strike interval to 4 seconds.

Level 2: Reduces strike interval to 3 seconds.

Level 3: Reduces strike interval to 2 seconds.


Effect: Like Lz's ring, can blink out.

1 unit thick.

Pushes units 4 units away.





Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, this leaves me a few more devs to do. Hope you like it!

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Well. You would have to aim it right in order to push them, and since we know our towers deal so much damage, you can just run away. It doesnt push you in, that would be pull, that pushes you away from him. But if your somehow inside it, your flobbed.

@Residente: He has barely any base attributes, so he would have like 400 base hp. I think i will reduce it to about 350.

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