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how much minerals do assists grant?

does this mineral bounty increase just like the last hitters mineral bounty when you assisted a triple kill?

if 2 players assist is this mineral bounty divided among them?


reason for asking: trying to assess snowball items whether theyre worth it or not.

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but still id like to know how much minerals are awarded if ever theres any.

reason, this heavily could affect how a character with a snowball item is played.


bottom line is im trying to assess whether:

a) if im better off jungling/laning instead of joining team fights to farm for core items.

b) if assists do give a bounty, then maybe participating in team fights early game would be more feasible.

c) when you do teamfights, minerals and exp are divided amongst the players. the bounty from assists would make a big difference and may compensate for the otherwise lesser shared minerals from team farming creeps.


i can better assess these points if i know the value of assists.....

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