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DATE: 03/19/2013






¡Nuestros Cañones Cantaran!



Name: Zahar.Immoortius

Portrait: Immortal

Unit Base: Dark Immortal


Script: ---


Starting Stats:

Base Health: 290

Movement Speed: 2.8

Attack Range: 5.5

Attack Speed: 2

Base Damage: 63

Attack Name| Animation: Void Ammu. (like the old lifesteal animation[shining lines])

Base Armor: 5

Strength: 38+6

Agility: 24+4

Intelligence: 34+6



Heroic Passive: Melting Sta-AcKS!

Every 3rd attack Zahar applies a Melting Sta-AcKS! stack that decreases enemy resistances by 5%, debuff lasts 15 seconds and a maximum of 4 stacks[only amps the incoming damage caused by Zahar and his items].



Ability One: OverDrive!

Zahar is launched several units [2secs effect dealy] to the target location and deals spell damage to 3 units around Zahar while effect is active. Zahar ignores unit collision during effect and 6 seconds after activation.

LVL1: 5units range, deals 100+(70%str)

LVL2:6 units range, deals 190+(70%str)

LVL3: 7 units range, deals 260+(70%str)

LVL4:8 units range, deals 310+(70%str)


COOLDOWN: 20/17/15/12

ENERGY COST: 90/110/120/140

RANGE: 5/6/7/8


Ability Two: Hardened Hi-Volt Shields!

Zahar gains shields and resistances[while he have shields and time* resists effects *last 40 secs. when shields are fully discharged], shield fully restores while Zahar is out of battle for 14 secs.

LVL1: 12% Spell and physical resist and gains 120+(50str+50int) shields.

LVL2: 17%Spell and physical resist and gains 200+(50str+50int) shields.

LVL3: 22%Spell and physical resist and gains 310+(50str+50int) shields.

LVL4: 27%Spell and physical resist and gains 400+(50str+50int) shields.


COOLDOWN:*Ability description






Ability Three: Neo-Concu-SIVE Rounds![TOGGABLE]

Zahar uses percentage of his energy(1.5% of total energy) to deal extra damage and gain the power to slow the attacked unit. Can stack up to 3 times(debuffs last 2 secs)

LVL1: Slows enemy by 8% and deals 50 extra spell damage.

LVL2:Slows enemy by 9% and deals 70 extra spell damage.

LVL3:Slows enemy by 10% and deals 90 extra spell damage.

LVL4:Slows enemy by 12% and deals 110 extra spell damage.



ENERGY COST:1.5% per attack

RANGE: Weapon Range




Ultimate Ablility: Elite Assault S-CUAD!

Zahar summons zealots that runs to enemy target and attack him for 17 (including run distance to target) seconds, zealots are summoned from the caster unit[Zahar] and they amplify damage on affected enemy unit.[ZEALOTS SIZE IS LIKE BIO MINIONS]

LVL1: Summons 5 zealots WS:1, WD:15, they resists 2 attacks, Amps +15% spell and physical damage taken by enemy.

LVL2:Summons 6 zealots WS: .9, WD:25, they resists 3 attacks, Amps +20% spell and physical damage taken by enemy.

LVL3:Summons 7 zealots WS: .8, WD:35, they resists 4 attacks, Amps +25% spell and physical damage taken by enemy.

***Zealots no affected by items like CoA ***


COOLDOWN:100 /80/60

ENERGY COST:150/250/350



Recomendedd items:

FoE, Stun Baton, Nitrogen retrofit, Darwins or Carapace, maybe dial or lockbox, and Slyptide scythe, and maybe shrink ray/time splitter according the situation.


all this itmes are to ensure a full slow that will allow you to have a enemy hero in your hands easy to target by snipes, lances aoe ultimates or just to gank.


FoE: 35% slow is good, movement and weapon speed is reduced and gives you a mass of hp.


Stun Baton: energy regen and extra energy, weapon speed, with this you will have the chance to make for example a drake to never get epiloge fully charged.


Nitrogen retrofit: life plus intelligence and a good 25% movement slow when you deal spell damage, perfect with your abilities and good to chase with OverDrive! and Neo-Concu-SIVE Rounds! to give your opponent a never end several debuffs.


Darwins/Carapace: if the game is your side, you can get darwins to get more cocky and have your lifesteal and make harder to be killed, by the other side carapace if you are being killed to much get it to have more hp and the 2.5% of total hp per second regen.


Dial/LockBox: just chasing or initiating item or to get a enemy out of the group with dial just push him to your team and eat him, or with lockbox asume you will have to get near you and your allies before the effect turn off and start the murder.


Slyptide scythe: add more resistances while you attack and deal extra damage, also gives agillity that gives armor and movement, a very nice item


and finally Shrink Ray: more weapon speed and a weapon damage reduction debuff, get this one if the enemy team hasa darpa or nova or shadow or any carry or dps


Time Spitter: AGILLITY AND WEAPON SPEED(MORE MORE!!) and a very very good debuff, enemies you attack loose -15% time scale for 2 seconds

, this will make all your debuffs last more on the affected enemy.





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