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Looking Back


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Well. After looking back at my old hero creations... Man. I am ashamed i made them, they are so bad. Hopefully i make better ones now.

Are there any things you look back at and think you do way better now? (Things forum related or sc2 related)

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I kinda feel bad for being super anal back when this forum first started and giving people warnings for double posts and short posts. Warning points were also permanent back then. African had a warning point for a double post up until last month :|




What was that, you even told me the reason... joking? Even knowing that it contains a "sexual" word, I guess it was too much, 1 month warning point for joking with GuZ, the same guy that types:


Faping?? :p




LOL soedenone.


@Tzeyth be careful from Diipa is a ladyboy in Finland.. :p


50% of the posts... I know it wasn't your day Banzai... or I was just pissing you off so much that you got whatever to made me pay for it :D


man I know I'm kinda stupid and annoying but hey, you are now taking it much more better than then

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Looking back i wish i bm'd harder, tried harder. Tossed more guys to their doom. Froze more guys when retreating. Forcefielded more teammates. Lockboxed more guys, pushed more guys into tower range. Plucked more guys before they could secure a kill. Walled in more melee characters, warped the entire team to the enemy pool more often, planared more guys towards the enemy, and ks'd more.

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