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Reworked Omega.Starscream / other viking hero


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Omega Starscream was removed recently to the many bugs plaguing him, but we were promised his return as soon as they were fixed. Well, I for one didn't really like Starscream, and neither do most other people. Hence, I provided this suggestion as a complete and utter reword for a viking hero, which had such potential.



Name: Omega.Starscream

Portrait: Archangel/Hel's Angel/Viking

Unit Base: Hel's Angel/Archangel

Type: Caster/AA

Script: In response to the alien threat, Phalanx Industries have released their newest prototype, Starscream. Armed with dual R-243 Machine Guns, as well as multiple types of missiles, Starscream is one of the deadliest single-pilot combat vehicles in existence.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 260

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 4.5

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage 54

Attack Name | Animation - dual R-243 machine guns

Base Armor 2

Strength – 26 + [6]

Agility – 22 + [3]

Intelligence – 34 + [7]*




Heroic Active: Transform (W key)

"Starscream changes forms, as either ground walker, or high mobility jet, gaining unique abilities and passives from each.


-Ground Mode: can use machine guns, which deal an additional 20% Int as physical damage.


-Flight Mode: cannot use weapons, but can fly over terrain*, and gets an additional 30% movement speed."



*Note: CANNOT fly off the map or over impassible terrain. Just picture this as just a cliff-jumper ability.


Effect: Mobility with no damage, vs damage but less mobility. Primarily, though, you will be changing modes to use the different abilities.



Ability One: Skydive/ Machine Gun Ubbercharge

"Starscream gains + 100% movement speed, and lands into a target point, dealing damage to enemy units, and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Starscream himself takes a percentage of that damage. This automatically transforms him into walker mode, and he cannot transform into flier mode for another 3 seconds.


Energy Cost: 90/105/120/135

Cooldown: 15

Range: 10


Level 1: Deals 80 + (80% int) spell damage. Takes 80% of this as spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 160 + (80% int) spell damage. Takes 60% of this as spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 240 + (80% int) spell damage. Takes 40% of this as spell damage.

Level 4: Deals 320 + (80% int) spell damage. Takes 20% of this as spell damage.



"Starscream briefly gains weapons speed, but has his movement speed reduced"




Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: 15


Level 1: + 25% weapon speed, - 60% movement speed.

Level 2: + 50% weapon speed, - 50% movement speed..

Level 3: + 75% weapon speed, - 40% movement speed.

Level 4: + 100% weapon speed, - 30% movement speed.





Effect: In flight mode, Starscream gets a really powerful chasing tool and initiation mechanism, while in ground mode he gains a massive DPS steroid at the cost of mobility.



Ability Two: Sensory Input Upgrade (passive)

"Starscream sensors are upgraded, giving him extra vision range in the air, and weapon range on the ground"



Level 1: + 1.5 Sight Range/ + 0.5 Weapon Range

Level 2: + 3 Sight Range/ + 1 Weapon Range

Level 3: + 4.5 Sight Range/ + 1.5 Weapon Range

Level 4: + 6 Sight Range/ + 2 Weapon Range


Effect: pretty self-explanatory. More map awareness when flying (usually while ganking or escaping ganks), or weapon range for everything else.


Ability Three: Longbolt Missile/ Energy Blast

"After a second's cast time, Starscream fires a single longbolt missile to target destination. Once it hits, it deals damage and knocks any units caught in the blast by several units away from the center of the blast.



Energy Cost: 115/130/145/160

Cooldown: 20

Range: 20


Level 1: 60 + (100% int) damage, knocks 1 unit in direction opposite that of center.

Level 2: 120 + (100% int) damage, knocks 2 units in direction opposite that of center.

Level 3: 180 + (100% int) damage, knocks 3 units in direction opposite that of center.

Level 4: 240 + (100% int) damage, knocks 4 units in direction opposite that of center.



Effect: Long range finisher/initiation tool.


"Starscream's next attack deals extra spell damage, and silences target for 1.5 seconds."


Energy Cost: 70/85/100/115

Cooldown: 10


Level 1: 40 + (50% int) damage.

Level 2: 80 + (50% int) damage.

Level 3: 120 + (50% int) damage.

Level 4: 160 + (50% int) damage


Effect: Moderate damage, primarily last-hitting tool, but has minor utility as a silencer too.



Ultimate Ability: Gemini Missiles/Energy Shield

"Starscream gains 8 Gemini Missiles, which deal true damage in a small area of effect. Each missile is hotkeyed to the A key, and are fired one at a time."


Energy Cost: 125/250/375

Cooldown: 120/100/80*

Range: 7


Level 1: Each missile deals 45 + (15% Int) True Damage in an AoE of 1.5

Level 2: Each missile deals 75 + (15% Int) True Damage in an AoE of 2

Level 3: Each missile deals 105 + (15% Int) True Damage in an AoE of 2.5


*NOTE: Shares cooldown with Energy Shield.


Effect: good amount of true damage, as well as an effective "auto-attack" while in flight mode.


"Starscream activates an energy shield, that lasts for 10 seconds, and absorbs all damage. Shield regenerates when not at maximum, and Starscream has energy. Attack damage is reduced by 20% when Energy Shield is active. Can be cancelled using the R key, which will not remove existing shield, but will cease regeneration."


Energy Cost: 2 Energy points needed to regenerate 1 unit of missing Shield.

Cooldown: 120/100/80*


Level 1: 400 Max Shield, regenerates at 10 Shields per second.

Level 2: 650 Max Shield, regenerates at 20 Shields per second.

Level 3: 900 Max Shield, regenerates at 30 Shields per second.


*NOTE: Shares cooldown with Gemini Missiles.


Effect: tanking skill. Reduces your DPS, but can be worth it when up against a burst caster. Be warned, this skill will destroy your mana pool, if you do not get several int items.

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Problem: Almost all of the bugs starscream had resulted from his transformation ability, so this change doesn't fix that.


In a way it does.... you see, first version of SS was (relatively) bug free. Oh he had teleport bugs, and molotov bugs, and a some other minor, yet annoying bugs, but it wasn't until he was changed to be in "walking flying mode" to prevent players flying out of the map with him that shap started to get REALLY messed up with him. And my option doesn't have him flying, he just has collosi-like ability to walk over cliffs.

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Have you considered having his ultimate Gemini Missiles as charges instead of such a long cooldown? Could have them with a 12 second cooldown, with a max of 3 charges (or something..). Obviously then you couldnt have the ulti sharing a cooldown.


The way I planned it, he is not as ult-reliant as most AA heroes such as Zeratul or Boros. More like Grunty, really, because it allows him to "autoattack" in flight mode. But I might lower the cooldown somewhat, especially at lower levels......

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