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Hi guys,


Have been playing Sotis/AoS since 4.0 (or was it 3.0 when Darpa was throwing turrets and blowing butts with mines) in Mumble since 5.0. Mostly a pub player with some occasional IHs. (Not the most talkative guy in Mumble - a stark contrast vs. real life).



- Your SC2 name: RaKuRa (my gaming nickname since 1998)

- Region you play on: NA

- What country you are from: originally from Bulgaria; currently living and working in NYC

- Favorite hero: Garamond (love this silly bastard)

- Strongest hero: Rancor, Darpa

- Other hereos played: Dustin, Drake, Starscream, Voltron

- Favorite item: Taser, Phase Cloak

- Computer specifications: Win 7 - Intel 7 - 6Gb DDR3 - nVidia GTX 275

- Favorite food: Pecan tarts

- Other favorite games: Heroes of Might&Magic 3 (have been and can play this game my whole

life); Mortal Kombat 3; Super Street Fighter 2 (best sound track ever); Starcraft

- Gamer since: 1990-1 - was 6-7 years old at that point and had free access to a Street Fighter 2

arcade. Have been gaming ever since.





Nerf shadow :) .... slightly

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