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Hey errrbody


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Hey everyone I'm Gladiator! I've been playing AoS for a few months now and just wanted to say hi to everyone.


I play just about every hero but have my favorites as well, I've played with many of you and you've probably seen me as Unix, Ghost, Cain, Drake, or Kerri, a few I play a little more frequently.


I've only played in pub games this far but am interested in playing ih as well.


Anyway, I'm always interested in finding other good players to team up with so if you're looking for buddies hit me up!

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Well, i am a fellow person on the forum, i dont play AoS, but i create lots of heroes and "debate" stuff. (debating never really happens its just people with flame wars)


Awesome! So by "create" heros what exactly do you mean? You create the heros for the game and you dont play!!? ;) you're missing out on your creation!

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