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Would anybody be interested?


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Hey, i was wondering if anybody would be interested in heroes who had things like the things below.

-Multiple abilities (5+) but some dont have 4 levels. Ex: 4,3,3,2,3

-Heroes whos hp's only activate between certain levels. Ex: Until... is lvl 8, they gain 40 attack damage.

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Not unless it's ala Karma for the first one imo

Only if you can make it balanced and interesting.

Also it'd be better for the player for it to be gradual-- e.g.

"Gains 6 (-Lvl) Health Regeneration (does not go negative) and -2 (+0.5 * Lvl) % Spell Resistance (does not go negative)"

[just an example of graduated effect]


But Soed says it much briefer lol

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