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Date 3/12/2013

- Began creation ^-^


Name: Quistmann


Unit Base:

Type: Support/Caster/Possible Carry? Maybe?

Script: -insert cool stuff here-


Starting Stats:

Base Health 270

Movement Speed 2.9

Attack Range 7

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage 45

Attack Name | Animation - Spiked Bush (summons a bush below them)

Base Armor 1

Strength – 23+6

Agility – 27+7

Intelligence – 23+5




Heroic Passive: Bush Walker

All allied units in a 20 unit radius gain 2 speed while moving through bushes. They are also cloaked for 2 seconds after they leave a bush.


Effect: 20 unit radius.

2 speed in bushes.

Cloaks 2 seconds.




Ability One: Speedy Farmer

Quistmann using his great farming skills, summons a bush instanty at target space. Bushes last forever unless destroyed. Destroys the first bush placed if you have placed too many.

Energy Cost: 30,35,40,45

Cooldown: 10,9,8,7

Range: 7


Level 1: Can place a max of 6 bushes.

Level 2: Can place a max of 10 bushes.

Level 3: Can place a max of 14 bushes.

Level 4: Can place a max of 18 bushes.


Effect: Bushes are 3 units wide.

Cast anywhere as long as you are in the range.

Bushes provide sight in a 9 unit radius.




Ability Two: Thick Bush

Quistmann makes target bushes in a 6 unit radius impassable for 5 seconds by using extremely powerful fertalizer.

Energy Cost: 40,45,50,55

Cooldown: 10,8,6,4

Range: Global Cast Range


Level 1: Cooldown 10 seconds.

Level 2: Cooldown 8 seconds.

Level 3: Cooldown 6 seconds.

Level 4: Cooldown 4 seconds.


Effect: Makes bush impassable.

AoE skill shot?




Ability Three: Bush Tunnel

Quistmann teleports to target bush, then deals damage to all enemies in a 4 unit radius of that bush.

Energy Cost: 70,90,110,130

Cooldown: 5,4,3,2.

Range: Global.


Level 1: Deals 40+(80%INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 50+(80%INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 60+(80%INT) spell damage.

Level 4: Deals 70+(80%INT) spell damage.


Effect: Single Target.

Spell damage.

5 unit aoe damage.

Global Cast Range.




Ultimate Ability: Maneating Bushes.

Quistmann buys an illegal fertalizer that makes his bushes hungry for blood. The bushes slow for a low amount per second, and will kill the target if they stay in the bushes for 25 seconds, before getting 3 units away from a bush.. Additionally, they deal minor spell damage each second.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: Passive


Level 1: Slows for 5% per second. Deals 20+(10%INT) spell damage per second.

Level 2: Slows for 7% per second. Deals 25+(10%INT) spell damage per second.

Level 3: Slows for 9% per second. Deals 30+(10%INT) spell damage per second.


Effect: Passive

Effects your bushes


Minor spell damage.

Ultimate lane guard.



Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

I didnt know what to theme him as so i made him a crazy farmer, hope u guys like it!

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