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Is novas mineral gain on her q too high?


I know it got nerfed from 17 mins at level 4 to 13 minerals, but I still think 13 mins per last hit is still too high. Tosh's mineral bounty got nerfed to 2 mins, so I think novas should be at least nerfed to 10 mins at level 4.

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Tosh's gain doesn't cost energy true, but Tosh's is a passive so it should be weaker [and it is by quite a lot] than Nova's energy-costing MAIN ABILITY.


Frankly I think that it's OK now when she's laning but it is absolutely ridiculous when she is jungling through the map [as she can easily secure every single one, and when laning she can randomly get screwed out of it].


I personally would like to see the cooldown cut only to like 6 seconds instead of to 0 seconds when she gets it right, and keep the base cooldown ~12 seconds [so halved cd if you get lasthit] or maybe reducing the CD to like 7 seconds and not having any refresh.

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