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HotS Hero Suggestions


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With the advent of HotS, comes an influx of new unit models. As you're playing through the campaign, look for awesome units you'd like to see become heroes and come up with designs for them!


We're going to be very busy working on new content for HotS, and expect to churn out heroes relatively quickly, so the chances a good suggestion will be directly implemented is far greater than before.


Make sure your suggestion is labeled [HotS], since it'll make life easier for us.





If someone would like to help by listing the new possible hero models along with images of them, it would be greatly appreciated, and would also help speed up the process.

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Oh well =w=; Though I won't get HotS until the 24th [and probably won't play much on the 25th]...


I guess that's a headstart for everybody else then, I suppose I could make a hero for each and every single thing I get to see in that campaign.


Huzzah for Ekcolnovkol/RNG/Ekco! ^_^


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I would say Passive personally as then you can give much more dynamic moves for the abilities, saving the boring ol' splash damage or splash DoT or splash something that's on vanilla ones to the passive effect.


e.g. "Each auto-attack deals [35% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage over 3 seconds in an AoE depending on form.

Change form from Hellbat/Hellion to Hellion/Hellbat, changing AoE shape to linear/cone."

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What I want to do is a int dps carry, but he would also be quite tanky in the hellbat form, his main abilities as hellion would be napalm trail, firebombs and a passive who give him move and attack speed when he cast spells, (1 per firebomb and 3 with the napalm trail), and the hellbat form would have a "defense mode" and a skill called inferno, it would be like a huge superheated mantle


i have to think a lot of things, because i dont want a boring or an up/op hero xD

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