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Deterring rage quiting


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Sorry 4 the bm but this is the worst idea ive ever seen... pink names?


Many people have said it's a terrible idea, but no one has said why.


I was reading a thread today about how the leaver bonus is such a big problem, but this problem is really cause by rage quitting. There have been other disscussions of how to deter rage quitting (banning players, lowering rank, limited hero selection) but none have been possible or would result in a drop people playing the game.


Different colored names would be like a scarlett letter shaming people who behaive poorly. However players would have the abillity to change their ways regain their good name. I chose pink because I was trying to be funny however any color would do, or no color. Instead of color the person's name could be altered to read "dropper." There are many ways this could be done.


Also I would like to know if someone on my team is most likely going to ragequit, as someone ragequitting can alter what strategy you use.

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I think this is way more interesting than the original subject of the thread, can you elaborate on this ?


Because I am too lazy to type it all out, here is a brief video on the internet explaining why we shouldn't be able to see pink:



Basically Pink is not "light red" as people usually think but rather the color we use to fill in for the colors we are not able to see.

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