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[Hero] Terra.Shaman


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- Began creation ^-^

- Nerfed Crit Damage on Abilities


Name: Terra.Shaman

Portrait: Marine

Unit Base: Marine with Bow instead of Gun

Type: INT [support//Carry]

Script: A Military Marine who barely survived the on going attacks of the Zerg Swarm. He was trained hard core under the top forces of Mengsk but when his entire team was taken out, he was able to flee into the wilderness where he learned to adapt and survive in the forest. He hunts and kills stray Zergs and became extremely talented with a Bow n Arrows when he started to run out of Ammunition for his Rifle. Over years he spent time on perfecting his skills in the way of Earth [Or watever planet he was on]. This caused him to reach breaking limits no other marine has gone and actually caused him to gain some Psionic energies he can use. Although they are limited to Earth abilities, primarily support ones, he uses them well with his friendly creatures to eventually kill all the invaders that try to kill him and his new home in the forest. On his travels he finds the Sanctum and choose a side. The one that would help protect his home.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 250

Movement Speed 3

Attack Range 5.5

Attack Speed 1.8

Base Damage 47

Attack Name | Animation - [similar to a Hydralisk Needle Spine] Nature's Arrows

Base Armor 2

Strength – 20 + [4]

Agility – 27 + [6]

Intelligence – 28 + [7]




Heroic Passive: Blooming Earth

"Terra has a healing aura that actives if he stands still for 2 seconds [Regardless if he uses abilities or attacks]. In this aura he heals him and allies in a 3-unit Radius for [15% INT] per second."


Effect: Good for Auto-Attacking melee heroes [if you aren't kiting]. Also very good for laning sustaining along with your ally thats laning with you.




Ability One: Eagle Shot

"Terra shoots his bow. His arrow travels at a speed of 20 units per second and hits the first enemy unit it comes in contact with. The unit is stunned for 1 second when hit and takes spell damage. Terra's arrow also can deal Bonus True Damage depending on the % of his Crit Chance. This Bonus damage increases directly to the % of Bonus Crit Damage. Takes 1 second channel."

Energy Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 12//11//10//9

Range: 9//10//11//12


Level 1: Deals 60 [50% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 30 [25% INT] True Damage if Crit.

Level 2: Deals 110 [50% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 45 [25% INT] True Damage if Crit.

Level 3: Deals 160 [50% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 60 [25% INT] True Damage if Crit.

Level 4: Deals 210 [50% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 75 [25% INT] True Damage if Crit.


Effect: A Spammable harassment ability. It can deal a LOT of Spell Damage. If you go caster, this would be your main source of damage. To Maximized that damage, it is suggested to get at least 2 crit items, primarily an Khali, and Cerebros. While this ability is spammable, it is hard to land it since creeps can easily get in the way. The ability does have more range than most abilities. and Gasp. An ability that can do Crit Damage?! No Way!




Ability Two: Focused

"Terra causes a target ally to become extremely focused. Can be used on himself. During this time the target gains Crit Chance//Damage and Timescale for a short duration. For half that duration the target also gains a Special type of Earth Debuff Immunity. This debuff immunity WILL NOT remove Debuffs that the target currently has but WILL remove Debuffs the target gets during Earth Debuff Immunity. This ability also increases the Attack range of the target by 20% up to a maximum of +1 Range. This bonus attack range will be lowered or ajusted to 8.5 if the target is over 8.5 attack range. In addition, if Terra uses Eagle shot when he has Focused on, his channel time is reduced to 0.5 seconds."

Energy Cost: 60//80//100//120

Cooldown: 26//24//22//20

Range: 10


Level 1: Lasts 4 seconds. +14% Crit Chance. +4% Timescale. +4% Crit Damage.

Level 2: Lasts 6 seconds. +21% Crit Chance. +6% Timescale. +6% Crit Damage.

Level 3: Lasts 8 seconds. +28% Crit Chance. +8% Timescale. +8% Crit Damage.

Level 4: Lasts 10 seconds. +35% Crit Chance. +10% Timescale. +10% Crit Damage.


Effect: This ability can be very good to use on an AA carry [any of them]. The timescale helps with speed and attack speed. The Crit helps with damage. The Earth Debuff immunity is really helpful when going it. Altho it only lasts half the duration as the other buffs. This debuff immunity isn't nearly as strong as the original since it will not remove the debuffs your hero [or the targeted ally] currently has. This means if he gets Molotov by rory, this ability will not remove the debuff UNLESS he got Molotoved when he ALREADY had his Earth Debuff Immunity on. This type of debuff immunity can be looked as : It prevents MORE debuffs but doesn't stop the current ones. In addition the Attack range bonus can be extremely helpful for ranged heroes. Altho if your starscream with 8 attack range, it will only grant you up to 8.5 attack range since you can not max tower's attack range. The reason it isn't a +1 attack range is that it may look silly on certain melee heroes and may be extremely strong on heroes like Shadow. Also good to use on self as Eagle Shot becomes much easier to hit enemies with.




Ability Three: Earthly Dive

"Terra jumps to a targeted location [Takes 0.5 seconds jumping into air before diving. When he dives at location, he moves at 15 units per second] and when he lands he deals minor spell damage in a 3-unit Radius, lose 35% Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 2 seconds, and causes Earth dust to fly into the Air. Terra is experience with his and can see through this dust. This dust appears where Terra lands and lasts 8 seconds blocking vision through it [This means it works exactly like Bushes do where you can see past it unless you got Air or an ally on other side.] The dust appears in a 3-unit Radius around Terra. Terra can not be targeted in the air but can still take damage. Terra's jumps are also able to strike enemies at the perfect spot. If Terra's jump hits the enemy in a 1-unit Radius, it can deal Bonus True Damage depending on the Crit Chance %. This bonus damage increases depending direct on the % of bonus Crit Damage."

Energy Cost: 85//110//135//160

Cooldown: 24//21//18//15

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 40 [30% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 10 [15% INT] True Damage if Crit.

Level 2: Deals 70 [30% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 20 [15% INT] True Damage if Crit.

Level 3: Deals 100 [30% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 30 [15% INT] True Damage if Crit.

Level 4: Deals 130 [30% INT] Spell Damage. Bonus 40 [15% INT] True Damage if Crit.


Effect: An ability with mutiple utilities. The teleport can be very useful in many situations, especially to combo in a team fight with ulti. In addition, the utility it provides in blocking vision similar to that of High ground // Bushes, makes it risky for enemies to move past it as your own team can see through it can get an easy kill. It is also easy to trick people near it. Also good with Crit Damage. The bonus isn't that much, but can still be a lot.




Ultimate Ability: Wrath of Mother Earth

"Terra gathers his energy to use the power of the Earth. This causes all enemies in a 5-unit Radius to take Spell Damage and to be posioned for 10 seconds and to lose 35% Movement Speed//Attack Speed for 2 second. In addition, this causes all allies in a 5-unit Radius to gain Earth Debuff Immunity for a short duration. This debuff immunity WILL NOT remove Debuffs that the target currently has but WILL remove Debuffs the target gets during Earth Debuff Immunity. This ability takes 1 second to channel."

Energy Cost: 250//425//600

Cooldown: 160//150//140

Range: 5 [From Self].


Level 1: Deals 100 [70% INT] Spell Damage. Posion deals 100 [50% INT] Spell Damage over 10 seconds. Earth Debuff Immunity Lasts 2.5 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 200 [70% INT] Spell Damage. Posion deals 150 [50% INT] Spell Damage over 10 seconds. Earth Debuff Immunity Lasts 3.0 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 300 [70% INT] Spell Damage. Posion deals 200 [50% INT] Spell Damage over 10 seconds. Earth Debuff Immunity Lasts 3.5 seconds.


Effect: This ability can be extremely devestating if you can get your entire team and all enemies in it. It deals Decent spell damage, with high Scaling on INT. In addition, the Earth Debuff Immunity would be EXTREMELY strong if you hit a lot of allies during the team fights. Earth Debuff immunity buff isn't as strong as standard Debuff Immunity tho so it is a debuff immunity can is ONLY useful in battle and has no benefit when out of battle [Like vs DoM abilities].




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:

- Cerebros

- Shadowmourne//Arcbound

- Khali Blade

- Starfury

- Small Hadron Collider//Yamato Reactor

- Shrink Ray


Gasp, a INT hero that can actually USE Cerebros. In addition cerebros will make your abilities even more spamable. This also allows you to use your very high Cooldown Ulti more often as well. Arc bound is good for the attack speed, crit chance and movement speed [especially procing [Q//E] bonus damage] This also makes your uniques fairly useful too vs enemy AA. Khali blade goes well with the abilities and the damage. Starfury good for after casting your spamable abilities. Hadron is good for the Health you will need. Also provides a better escape // engagement that your [E] ability as it takes about 1 second to get the the teleported destination. Shrinkray so that you can 1v1 AA since you got Attack speed and attack damage from it and lower their attack damage. Win :D




How To play: Primarily try to go for a hybrid Carry // Support build. You want to deal nice DPS damage and there are a couple of items that are good with that. This hero primarily revolves around Crit and INT for Damage. Try to land your Eagle shot before diving. Focus shud be used before this. After Earthly Dive, you should primarily use your ultimate ability. While you may take a lot of damage since your in the middle of all the enemies, it shouldn't be to much of a problem since you have Earth Debuff Immunity. Silences shouldn't be to much of an issue either when channeling your Ulti, as you had Earth Debuff Immunity just before your Eagle dived from Focus. Eagle dive should also be used a lot during escaping or if an ally is going to gank. It is primarily good at making enemy Skillshots harder to land. Primarily, this hero is slightly item dependant. He is also rather squishy and can't be builded as tanky as other DPS heroes. While you can build him tanky, you will lose a lot of DPS and your uniqueness bonus True damaging abilities. To use ulti in ever team battle, you pretty much need a Cerebros so you can lower your cooldown fast enough to use in almost every team battle. Even if you die landing your ulti, it is primarily worth it. You should try landing your Utli AFTER the teamfight has engaged as you want to get not only as many enemies as possible, but also as many allies as possible too. Going pure INT isn't that great since you will lack a lot of CRIT Damage. The Ulti does scale very well with INT tho. You primarily need INT with some CRIT if you want to go caster. Finally, your heroic passive is fairly nice for game healing. Beware as this ability causes clumping of allies. This heroic passive can go fairly well with your Ulti as after you Ulti, you should be surrounded by a lot of enemies, you shouldn't have a need to move [Thus Heroic passive should start working]. This Hero can't really be builded pure DPS either, as he needs INT to cast abilities with his high Energy Demands.


Up Abilities: Q,E,Q,W,Q,R,Q,W,W,W,R,E,E,E,T,R,T,T

You want Eagle Shot for most harassment and damage at begininng. Also good for stunning and ganking. You also want Earthly dive so you can use it that one crucial time the enemy is about to escape or if you need that escape. Primarily teleporting abilities should be gotten second, but this ability's cooldown doesn't decrease that much per upgrade and the damage isn't all that great. Earth Debuff immunity and Crit // Timescale would be more important as it is a nice support for allies or to self. The Timescale should also slightly help in making up escaping in chasing for not getting the teleporting ability first. Focus will also help increase damage most the time too [for abilities]. Makes Eagle shot much easier to land as well.


Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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Hey, AA raynor could use Cerebro. Don't know if that build works out of pubs though.


Anyway, heroic passive is fine for a support I guess.


How exactly does the crit portion in Q work? I get the crit chance part, it's the crit damage part I don't understand. If you crit with base 150% Crit, do you deal 100(+30% INT) damage or 150(+45% INT) damage? Also, 20 speed is really fast. I'd hazard a guess and say that Grunty's rocket travels at about 6-7 and Raynor's snipe at 15.


I don't see much problems with W and E.


His ulti is strange in the sense that the instant damage portion is greater than the DoT portion since long lasting DoTs tend to deal high damage as the damage is "watered down" by the duration. Other than that it's fine.


On a side note, speaking about crit abilities, anyone remember the name of an anime battle arena WC3 mod where there was this really annoying Shiki guy in blue school uniform who'd oneshot you with his a crit from his penknife which he'd throw from 99999 range away?

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Oh. The Crit Damage basicly goes... Your Based Crit doesn't matter except on standard attacks.


If you have +10% Crit Damage. You Crit Eagle shot deals Bonus 100 [30% INT] True Damage if Crit. to Bonus 110 [33% INT] True Damage if Crit. In otherwords, It is increases based on the % of Crit Damage bonus. If you have +10% CRit damage and a Khali blade for +50%. Thats 1.1 * 1.5 = +65% Damage. Thus your Bonus 100 [30% INT] True Damage if Crit. will deal +65% more True Damage. Base Crit Damage doesn't matter.


This is actually based on a Hero from a game i was currently playing. [Epic Battle Fantasy 4] Well, the Q and R were at least :P

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