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Um, it is actually random?


It just shows you the hero so you can set up talents and, if you don't want to play that hero, allows you to pick a different one.


Also a silhouette is pretty easy to make distinctions between all the heroes from, and plus you could still see the abilities and lore and stuff anyway.

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Or just not cheat yourself and play the hero it randoms you... if you want to random the option is there, its not like it makes you continue randoming..


It would also prevent people from cheating in arams though. People just keep clicking the random button until they get a hero they like

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*Enter pubs vs ppl i know* Tells them I'm going to random. Just so happen to random my best Hero :O [On the 15th try]. Hey... It did say i randomed :D


That feature was removed because you would get people randoming and if they didn't like the hero they got they'd just quit and thus ruin everybody else's game. -;-


They had that in the SCI Hero vs Hero i played. Issue was that you were actually REWARDED a slight amount of money if you randomed [Which would be about +100 Minerals in AoS]. Then if they got someone they didn't like. THE RAGE QUITS.

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