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Before you read the rest of the post, here is the short and sweet: this hero is rather dull.

He seems to me to be an ill-concieved mashup of recycled mechanics that were previously scrapped from other heroes. While this nostalgia thing is nice and all, it doesn't make for a very good hero. He is an agi AA carry (as if we didn't have enough of them already), with belated INT scaling on all of his abilities. He just doesn't seem to have a very well-defined role apart from "generic AA unit".


I think he would work better as an INT AA carry.

We would need to change him to an INT hero.

And increase the INT scaling on his abils, because it's just not really worth stacking INT on him currently- the dmg/sec from Q and W could go up from 15% to 20%, and the heal from 20% to 25%.

This way he would be a more unique hero as opposed to a repeat of a role we have tons of already.

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In my opinion, he seems like a "jack of all trades". His ability set sports some very appreciable tools: superb mobility, pushing power, sustainability, and maybe even initiation.


While I agree that his abilities do seem somewhat of a "mash-up", he is definitely not "dull" to play. His abilities offer the player many possible decisions with regards to when to use each ability, as emphasized by his ultimate "charging up" his regular abilities.

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Main problem for me is ulti.


I think maybe in beta was a bit OP but after nerf-release he has some problems.


Tough his int ratio on skills is poor Q it is done by several seconds. I mean Q is 15%x3=45%. maybe could be 60, same or W but have to stay in zone.


I think the level scaling of the skills is really low ( on flat number, same for fungal but it has ensnare time increased)


But where I see mainly problems is on Passive and Ulti. Mobility of hero is not as good as it seems. Different from Vergil, you can jump in with blink then use ulti or Q whatever, then if CD reset you can teleport again.


Penthos can enter or not with a blink if you enter, you still can do another skill, you can slow the enemy with increased magic damage, heal on you or jump back with teleport, but if u use Q or E you need to wait 12 seconds or hitting for fast refresh until next orb for blink ( if you'd need some escape).


So attacking fast is important, timescale helps too, and int since even passively attacking you are using it.


Not saying he is bad hero or good, I need see him more times ( not a pub going 2-40 or viceversa) but that false statement he is moving freely at no cost.

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FIRST OFF: as ive said before in other posts all heros can seem op at the start. remember once u learn thier weakness it gets easier. as well as if he ends up being op he will get nerfed, give it a week or 2.


2nd in my oppinion the only thing they could lose on him would be how his Q slows by 35%, as it reads im thinking FOE and it slows weapon and movement speed.


when u build him as int you gotta go for cdr. his orbs dont come back faster with time/cdr unless you used both orbs then it is affected. but mainly for shorter cd on his ulti when u can basically spam his W 4 times in a row with intel build its pretty strong. yamato reactor, shc, and starsfury is usually enough.


you think his Q and W are low scaling but u have to remember like his Q is 40+(15%int) per second. it last 3 seconds 5 if u use Q to activate it. and then it does double damage. so 80+30% intel. per second. if u keep attacking them it last till u stop. lets say low amount of intel but 300. 15% is 45 damage and 30% is 90 damage. so now ur looking at 85 or 170 damage depending if u proc ur Q, but 170 is more then drakes burn plus at that point ur slowing them by 35%. now we add in his W for another 60+15% intel, 105 damage. when combined with his Q activedated thats 275 damage a second no buff from argus, yamato or any thing else. and if ur goign intel build ur going go get shm, so another 40. then u add in the time proc from yamaot and shc its goign to be ticking about every 40 seconds instead of 60 seconds.


as for going auto attack build which i prefer. i end up with 300 weapon damage max attack speed and 4k hp. and two items with cdr. with max attack speed you can spam ur moves constantly almost dont even need his ultimate unless im tower diving and then i use it on his E for the 1k shields. as well as with goign AA i get FOE and time splitter. his passive 35% slow, FOE 35% slow, spliter 25% reduce time, so im guessing its gotta be close to 75%-90% slow movement and attack speed. i know i own shadows as long as thier ultimate isnt going.

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Not bad build (interesting one)


I imagine u answer me.


I just said scaling on flat numbers is low 20-30-40-50. Int scaling is ok cause it is over time.


I just said about Tscale not about CDR I know it doesn't affect.


Edit: Nah flat number is ok since it is stacking too. Dont remember if E is instant or Hot.

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@jamesalot: Timescale affects it lol


Also his Q only slows while activated which consumes orb which destroys your escape :(


Yes but when your able to slow and keep auto attacking them as an AA build you will have that orb back in 3-4 seconds which when using Q it last 5 seconds. as well as Going AA build you dont have to rely on your spells as much so lets say you blink in then use Q and end up having ot fight another enemy you can last long enough to wait for that other orb to pop so u can blink away


FOR TAKERAY: his E is instant. but keep in mind the 5% of health you get is of his missing hp. so if your missing 100 you will only get 5 + the 90+20% int. unless really needed i try use that between creep waves.

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