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Hi all


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Well I have been away for a long while, perhaps 3-4 months now I think? Or maybe it hasn't but it feels like it's been too long. Anyways I felt like saying hello to everyone. Miss aos but so busy with work. Recently crossed over from intern to a motherflobing badass full time (meaning a promotion) woot woot! And I remember posting in these forums a lot when I did not have anything to do for work LULZ. Anyways hope there are new trolls in these forums to keep this place a happy place :3




Wheres that nigga peas. Jk I miss that boii too

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welcome back and as for those *new trolls* there isnt alot of em left but with this post of yours im sure they will crawl out from under thier bridges just to holla


Whoop Whoop! I hope my return will ignite a fire under the mod's asses. lul jk I have never given the mods a hard time... Unlike mastercodes...

herro sexy

I miss you mr. david :)

plz help me banzai has said if i get 1 more waring point i will be banned forever.


Looks like things are finally changing for the better? I'm surprised you're still on this forum HAHAHAHA


Always assumed you were in high school for some reason.







jdopiwqejhweuhpqweodjikqweox xjweiopqfj


*keyboard headsmash*


Even though I was away for a few months I see that I am still second in total posts. Of course you never die so you're going to be the top poster of all time :) (are you a mod yet?!?! jesus


Peas is dead.


I mean his computer is dead.


There are 80% less ARAM now in NA.


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