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- Hero creation began

- HP has stack limit

​- Ult cd increased to account for possible cerebro abuse




Name: Jacobson.Blake

Unit Base: Warhound

Unit Portrait: Warhound

Type: Ranged, versitile, AA

Script: Blake Was part of the Warhound project before Blizzard shut down their Development. Blake had fallen in love with these machines and managed to sneak one out before they were all scrapped. Modding his now personal Warhound Blake spent his time hunting exotic animals with his versatile walker that is equipped to handle any foe. As soon as he heard about the Sanctum Blake new that the real hunt was now on.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [200]

Base Energy [100]

Movement Speed [2.9]

Attack Range [5]

Attack Speed [1.7]

Base Damage [60]

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [30] + [5]

Agility – [35] + [7]

Intelligence – [28] + [4]







Heroic Passive: On the Hunt

As Blake fights with his prey he learns their weaknesses allowing him to make each hit more powerful. Every time Blake auto attacks a hero he will get a stack of Str-Hunt/Agi-Hunt/Int-Hunt depending on that heros type. Each stack, maximum of (10+5*level) stacks, makes him deal an additional (1+0.5*level) Physical dmg while attacking Hero's of that type(str/agi/int). Blake can only have one type of Hunt stack at any given time, and loses all stacks upon death. (meaning that if you attack str hero's 10 times you will have 10 stacks of Str-Hunt, but as soon as you attack an agi/int hero you will lose all Str-Hunt stacks and start gaining agi/int stacks.)





Ability One: Hunter Missiles

Blake fires missiles from his shoulders that target any str/agi/int heros, that currently correlate with his current Hunt stacks and up to 5 creep creep, that are visible and in range. Missiles deal an additional (1+0.5*level) spell dmg for each Hunt stack Blake has. (if blake has str-hunt stacks the missiles will shoot at all str heros in range... and so forth)

Energy Cost: 70/80/90/100

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14

Range: 12


Level 1: deals 40(+70%weapon dmg) spell dmg, 50(+50%weapon dmg) spell dmg to creep

Level 2: deals 80(+80%weapon dmg) spell dmg, 100(+50%weapon dmg) spell dmg to creep

Level 3: deals 120(+90%weapon dmg) spell dmg, 150(+50%weapon dmg) spell dmg to creep

Level 4: deals 160(+100%weapon dmg) spell dmg, 200(+50%weapon dmg) spell dmg to creep






Ability Two: Hunting Radar

Blake has modified his Mini-Map to ping the location of any hero's who's type is the same as his current Hunt stacks. If Blake is within 15 units of the hero when this happens he will gain movement speed for 3 seconds

Energy Cost: 90/100/110/120

Cooldown: 30

Range: global


Level 1: + 15% movement speed

Level 2: + 25% movement speed

Level 3: + 35% movement speed

Level 4: + 45% movement speed






Ability Three: Leveling the Hunt

After a long hunt, Blake takes his experience and uses it defensively to help keep in the fight at the expense of offense . Blake consumes half of his current Hunt stacks and heals himself and regenerates energy based on the number of stacks he consumed.

Energy Cost: 50

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Range: self


Level 1: regenerates 8 health and 5 energy per stack consumed

Level 2: regenerates 16 health and 10 energy per stack consumed

Level 3: regenerates 24 health and 15 energy per stack consumed

Level 4: regenerates 32 health and 20 energy per stack consumed






Ultimate Ability: Specialized Hunter

Blake picks one of the following upgrades to his weapon that, upon activation of this ability, will be added to his next auto attack:

Disintegrator Shot: When attacking a Str hero, Blakes auto attack will deal additional dmg based on their total health.

Level 1: 6% of the targets Total health in true dmg.

Level 2: 12% of the targets Total health in true dmg.

Level 3: 18% of the targets Total health in true dmg.

Suppression Fire: When attacking an Agi hero, Blakes auto attack will suppress their auto attack for a short duration

Level 1: auto attack suppression for 2 seconds.

Level 2: auto attack suppression for 3.5 seconds.

Level 3: auto attack suppression for 5 seconds.

EMP Rounds: When Attacking an Int hero, Blakes auto attack will silence the enemy for a short duration.

Level 1: Silenced for 2 seconds

Level 2: Silenced for 3.5 seconds

Level 3: Silenced for 5 seconds

Energy Cost: 75/100/125

Cooldown: 20/18/16 seconds

Range: self


Note: A total of three points may be put into Blakes ultimate, but you can chose if you want 3 points in one of the weapon upgrades or split them up, or spread them out and have one in each, depending on which type of hero's you are having trouble with in your current game you can pick your ulti to counter them.





Additional Information





Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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