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martY sighting!


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Hey guys,


Used to mod around here until my life just became too busy to chip in on the forums, but it looks like Banzai has been an apt and likely superior replacement :) When I finally had time to mod again...well I didn't really play SotIS anymore, funny how that works.


I'm no longer a regular, but I appreciated this community, especially the people I met during the ridiculous IH sessions we had last year. Had some great times playing, meeting new people and contributing sh1tty profanity-ridden video guides/forum posts to the community. For that, thanks.


Anyway, I updated SotIS a few days ago to once again ruin lives and make children cry with rockets (and actually run in the goddamn river). If you see me on SC2, drop me a line and I'd be happy to pub with you a bit


I've apparently run into a handful of you on DotA2 as well, so you're welcome to add me on there. My Steam name is stubones316@aol.com and I play pretty regularly.





EDIT: ...Red the language filter must meet an untimely end.

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