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[HotS] Lucent.Sentinel


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- Creation.


- Reworked W.

- Reworked R.


- Reworked bunch of stuff.



Name: Lucent.Sentinel

Portrait: Oracle

Unit Base: Oracle

Type: Caster/Support

Script: Initially a civilian drone created to secretly monitor and maintain order over certain areas, it's potential as a military support tool became evident during the invasion of Aiur. A Protoss regiment which hacked the drones was found to have 50% less casualties during defensive operations. Lucent.Sentinel was the first, and last after the fall of Aiur, drone to be built solely for war. Boasting an impressive track record of assisting troops in standing their ground against Zerg swarms tens of times larger, Sentinel's zone control capabilities go nearly unmatched.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [175]

Movement Speed [3.0]

Attack Range [5]

Attack Speed [1.9]

Base Damage [35]

Base Armor [2]

Strength – [25] + [4]

Agility – [23] + [3]

Intelligence – [29] + [7]








"After standing still for 3 seconds, Sentinel gains bonus 1.5 sight range per second up to a maximum of 20 sight range. Once he starts moving, he loses the bonus sight range at a rate of 3 per second. Upon activation, Sentinel deploys an invulnerable ward at his current location with sight radius equal to his current sight radius. However, while the ward is active, his own sight radius becomes 0."


Cooldown: 20 seconds



- His active essentially transfer his sight to the ward. So yes, while the ward is invulnerable, Sentinel himself becomes blind.

- Sentinel still retains shared vision while ward is active.

- Ward may be destroyed manually with the heroic ability hotkey.

- Cooldown begins when ward is destroyed.



Sky Clad Observer:

"Passively grants bonus movespeed and sight range. Upon activation, channels for 2 seconds before gaining 10x the passive movespeed bonus and becoming completely invisible while disabling attacks and spells. Lasts 4 seconds. "

Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: 22 seconds

Range: 7


Level 1: 5% increased movespeed, +1.5 sight range.

Level 2: 8% increased movespeed, +2 sight range.

Level 3: 11% increased movespeed, +2.5 sight range.

Level 4: 14% increased movespeed, +3 sight range.



- Complete invisibility also involves your hp bar, selection circle and hero model becoming fully transparent in addition to cloaking. Scans will however reveal him.

- Active is almost purely a scouting tool, since the 2 second cast time makes it fairly unviable for escaping.



Hacking to the Gate:

"Sentinel constructs a neural disruption drone at his current location. After 3 seconds, the drone explodes and releases a pulse, slowing enemies for 50% and causing them to ignore commands for 3 seconds. While the drone is active, Sentinel may use the ability hotkey to push the drone 8 units away from him.

Energy Cost: 100/110/120/130

Cooldown: 16

Range: Pulse radius of 3


Level 1: Pulse deals 100(+75% INT) damage

Level 2:Pulse deals 165(+75% INT) damage

Level 3: Pulse deals 230(+75% INT) damage

Level 4:Pulse deals 295(+75% INT) damage



- Skill starts cooling down after the drone explodes

- Drone is invulnerable

- The push effect is similar to Cyprus' W and his rocks

- It's kind of a skill shot, hence the damage and CC is above average.




"Sentinel deploys a Field Defense Drone at the target location, shielding allies from external sources of damage. Field Defense Drone absorbs 30% of ranged damage and heals allies within the field for a 30% of the damage absorbed. Can absorb a maximum of 100+(50*LVL)(+100% INT) damage. Lasts a maximum of 10 seconds."

Energy Cost: 160

Cooldown: 30

Range: 6 cast range, 4 area of effect


Level 1: Absorbs 15% of ranged damage.

Level 2: Absorbs 20% of ranged damage.

Level 3: Absorbs 25% of ranged damage.

Level 4: Absorbs 30% of ranged damage.



- I know the hp of this drone seems rather high, but do note that by the absorbed damage also takes into account aoe spells. So a 200 damage enemy aoe spell hitting 5 allies means that you'd absorb 1000 damage.

- Ranged damage would simply be any damage instance where the damage source is further than 4 units away from the drone.




Another Heaven:

"Sentinel channels an alternate reality field around himself, draining his energy each second and healing units within a field based on a percentage of the damage they receive. Percentage starts at 150% and decreases to 50% over the course of the ability. Sentinel gains 2 seconds of debuff immunity upon activating the skill"

Energy Cost: 75/100/125 energy per second.

Cooldown: 45

Range: 5


Level 1: Lasts 5 seconds.

Level 2: Lasts 7 seconds.

Level 3: Lasts 9 seconds.



- It's a great tool for saving allies if timed right.

- Also has the the potential to wreck your allies' skills by making them heal enemies.

- Creates a long lasting safety zone that discourages combat, but effectiveness decreases with time

- Skill may be cancelled whenever desired

- At the start, you're getting healed instead of damaged, with 150% damage healed and 100% damage taken, leading to a net 50% damage healed.

- After the percentage falls below 100%, it's essentially just damage reduction. IE. 50% damage healed and 100% damage taken = 50% damage taken.

- Naturally, doesn't save people from fatal damage.




Additional Information


Happy camper and a mobile sentry ward rolled into one.



Wonder if anyone gets the skill names.---

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I really like the heroic passive, other skills are fairly uninteresting (imo) or impossible to implement due to engine restrictions (perfect cloaking). I feel he needs some sort of long range skill shots to synergize with his heroic passive. I understand this hero is supposed to be utility/support so giving him some sort of cc would probably be a good idea as well.

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Yea, perfect cloaking probably isn't possible. Transparent model and no cloak outline would work fine too though.


I was sort of basing this hero around old MAAR. I took the standing still portion of the heroic ability from Focus and I wanted his ulti to be slightly similiar to MAAR's(suspending a team fight). I wanted this hero to have strong zone control, so I guess some CC would be good. I'll think up of some CC skill to replace W with.

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imo this was better as an observer hero :(


Oracles have fun abilities-- I was thinking that maybe one of the skills would be "target ally creep becomes invulnerable or target enemy creep becomes undeniable" or the passive "All damage dealt by Oracle causes the enemy to lose 1 mineral per second for 5 seconds"; mirroring Entomb. =w=

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imo this was better as an observer hero :(


Oracles have fun abilities-- I was thinking that maybe one of the skills would be "target ally creep becomes invulnerable or target enemy creep becomes undeniable" or the passive "All damage dealt by Oracle causes the enemy to lose 1 mineral per second for 5 seconds"; mirroring Entomb. =w=

Psh, when did hero suggestions start following the units they were based after? But yea, the Oracle can't really be a Sky-clad Observer anymore.

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Well, we can look at Shadow and see how he totally resembles the "from the shadows I come" quote of the Dark Templar...


We can look at Gravitus and see that his Q is inspired by the similar ability from the Hidden Mission in the Campaign that the Hybrid has-- and in fact, Gravitus actually is that hybrid!!


We can look at MAAR's older toolkit and see that he has abilities that mirror his abilities in the campaign...


We can look at Lurker and see that his Passive is ad-verbatum what a Lurker does


We can look at Raynor and see that his Silencing Shot is almost the same as his Penetration Round ability and his Raiders are really obvious what they're from, his Command Aura passive is from his lore as a commander, his Q could be seen as a leader designating a target, and since he's a prosniper he has kill-steal-- I mean killshot; that mirrors an ability from the hidden mission...


We can look at Rory and see that his Ulti is from the Campaign, his W is also from the Hidden Mission, although boosting allied time instead of slowing enemy time-- fits with Swann's engineering-- he reverse-engineered the thing to create something that causes the opposite effect...


We can look at Null and see how he has Forcefields (COUGHSENTRY), a helpful aura to allies (similar to Guardian Shield, no?)


We can look at DARPA and his Ult-jump


We can look at Tychus and his Passive doing similar to his passive in the Campaign


We can look at Brine and his Acid Strike being a Roach AA, Brine's W being hyperregeneration, and his Ulti being Tunnelling Claws


We can look at Zeratul and see that he can isolate enemies away with his ult, similar to a giant AoE Void Prison


We can look at Tosh's Spectres having a 0-damage Mindblast, we can also see his Heroic Passive being lorewise solid


We can look at Nova, seeing she can decimate enemies (she's strong lorewise), inhibit them (lore), and even avoid detection (she can cloak and she can mask her presence beyond that), able to land powerful initial blows (similar to Ill Intent).


The MULE carries the SCVs normally, so the SCVs carry the MULE in Garamond's case-- WORKERS UNITE!!


Cyprus can blink ffs, he's a stalker


Queen can lay tumors and tranfuse allies, as well as create armies (Banelings = Spawn Larva)


Geneva can channel a heal (ala all medics) and blind enemies (ala SC:BW medic ability)


Rancor can cloak and snipe enemies and even call nukes



So I'd say Hero Suggestions should at least have something to do with the powers of that unit in lore or in gameplay, seeing so many other examples, no?

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Penthos has the abilities of a probe and Zealot combined while Drake shoots hydralisk spines. Boros is permanently cloaked and does not have an overly conspicuous glowing blade and Jackson walks around as a killable non combat unit. Justicar is caught in a stasis trap, Vorpal is formed from two erekuls combining and Toxi fires broodlings to attack his enemies.


I'd say it's about 50/50. Also, none of those you listed were actually hero suggestions. Newer heroes also seem to be more deviant. So NYEH

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Penthos has the power of a Probe from his Q; draining life (and an army's life is what? ohyeah, Minerals). He also has the power of a Zealot, Charging, in the form of Ult+W.

Drake isn't a Hydralisk, he's got spines which he does use. Also, Magnitude could be thought of as hurling spines... through the earth. ;)

Boros couldn't be a true DT as Shadow already took that cake

Jackson is a scientist in the hidden laboratory, who knows what they made therein? I sure don't... aside from what I already said.

Preservers like Justicar aren't always stuck in stasis, and they are pretty selfless, devoting themselves to basically being self-look-up books of just about everything, so you could construe that Justicar's passive is him applying himself to use his body as an even more deadly weapon. Additionally, his E's healing could be thought of as the mending of wounds, which I'm pretty sure if anybody knew how to do then the preservers would.

Vorpal is a Dark Voice unit not an Archon. Argument invalid.

Erekul is not protoss, he is a protoss corpse arisen by Zukar Parasites.

Toxi would fire broodlings but Garamond already stole that ability, so that cake doesn't exist for Toxi to eat.


so HAH! I can STILL construe good points!... though those are sorta from nowhere.


And who cares if they're hero suggestions? =c I was just listing examples and I don't have the hero suggestions memorized...

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