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Date 3/4/2013

- Began creation ^-^


Name: Red.Hydra

Portrait: A Red Hydra?

Unit Base: A Red Hydra Carrying a hammer?

Type: Carry/Tank/Ganker

Script: -insert biography of RedHydra here-


Starting Stats:

Base Health 270

Movement Speed 3.2

Attack Range 1.05

Attack Speed – 1.85

Base Damage – 55

Attack Name | Animation - Bash (Bash's with hammer)

Base Armor 1

Strength – 22+7

Agility – 26+6

Intelligence – 30+5




Heroic Passive: Determination

RedHydra's determination to keep fighting keeps him alive during fight, he revives when he dies with max hp, max energy, and no gold from the first death. Cooldown is 300 seconds.


Effect: Revival.

No gold from first death.




Ability One: Perseverance

RedHydra Persevere's through the fight, burning his own mana to stay alive.

Energy Cost: Toggleable

Cooldown: Toggleable

Range: Self


Level 1: 30% of damage goes into Mana.

Level 2: 40% of damage goes into Mana.

Level 3: 50% of damage goes into Mana.

Level 4: 60% of damage goes into Mana.


Effect: Blocks damage.

Burns into Mana.


Self Target.




Ability Two: Refreshing Bash

RedHydra bashs target unit with his hammer, gaining maximum mana if it kills them.

Energy Cost: 40,47,54,61

Cooldown: 8,7,6,5

Range: 3


Level 1: Deals 70+(40%INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 100+(40%INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 130+(40%INT) spell damage.

Level 4: Deals 160+(40%INT) spell damage.


Effect: Gains Maximum mana.

Single Target.




Ability Three: After Shock

RedHydra's attacks are so powerful, that they stun nearby enemies for 0.01 seconds in a nearby radius, as well as deal damage in a 3 unit radius.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: On Hit


Level 1: Deals 40+(80%weapondamage) in a 3 unit radius around target unit.

Level 2: Deals 50+(80%weapondamage) in a 3 unit radius around target unit.

Level 3: Deals 60+(80%weapondamage) in a 3 unit radius around target unit.

Level 4: Deals 70+(80%weapondamage) in a 3 unit radius around target unit.


Effect: Doesnt's hurt the original target.

Stacks With Explosive Retrofit.

On hit.

Deals bonus damage.

Stuns for 0.01 seconds.

3 unit radius.




Ultimate Ability: Ban Hammer

RedHydra calls upon his Ban Hammer to Banish you, dealing high amounts of spell damage, and doubling your respawn time. If this kills an enemy hero, the cooldown refreshes.

Energy Cost: 200,250,300

Cooldown: 100,80,60

Range: 3


Level 1: Deals 200+(100%INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 400+(100%INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 600+(100%INT) spell damage.


Effect: Game ender.

Single Target.

3 Range.





Additional Information



Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

If RedHydra disagrees with any of these things, please say so in the replys below.

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I didnt make these heroes to be balanced, i made them because they are for the dev's. Im guessing that if they implement it, then they will probably balance it.

What sorts of it are ridicoulously op? Wait a minute... i know... The E and The R?

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