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[Hero] Keen.Might


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- Began creation ^-^


Increased Throw Range on Magical Mines. Magical Mines cooldown is reduced by 1 each level. Magical mines now provide Sight in a 5-unit Radius [not detectors tho].

Increased Range of Energy Whip


Name: Keen.Might

Portrait: Archon

Unit Base: Archon

Type: Caster//Tank

Script: Keen.Might is a drop out knight who excelled at defenses but failed at offensive strikes. As a result, he studied in Magic instead and learned ways of the mage. Unlike other Mage's he had training and mastered the Defensive arts of a knight along with his armor. He uses this power of his Strength and Mind to defeat his foes. His battles has strengthen his skills and he is one of the rare mages who can withstand more attacks than some of the strongest heroes.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed 2.7

Attack Range 3.5

Attack Speed 2

Base Damage 38

Attack Name | Animation - Magi-Blade

Base Armor 1

Strength – 27 + [6]

Agility – 11 + [3]

Intelligence – 31 + [7]




Heroic Passive: Mighty Intelligence

"Keen.Might is a mighty mage who has withstood the hardships of battle. As a result, Keen gains +0.1% Physical Resistance per Strength. He also gains +0.05% Spell Resistance per Intelligence."






Ability One: Magical Mines

"Keen uses his magic to make a Mine of Pure Energy. This mine is thrown by Keen and takes 1 second to land. If the mine is touched by anyone, it explodes dealing Spell damage in a 2-unit Radius. This mine can take damage as long as it is not moving. Magical Mines can be pulled // hit by enemy pulls or allied pulls. Enemies can only take Direct Spell Damage [This doesn't count splash] once every 1 second. Mines deal Bonus damage if they are pulled by Energy Whip (Depending on Level of Energy whip) and the blast radius is then increased to 3-unit Radius. Each mine has 90+20*lv Health. The mine will also be cloaked if there isn't an enemy unit within a 5-unit Radius of the mine. Magical Mines last 60 seconds all levels. These mines provide sight in a 5-unit Radius."

Energy Cost: 8//7//6//5% Maximum Energy

Cooldown: 7//6//5//4

Range: 12


Ulti Effect: [if Keen hits an enemy with Magical Mines, they will lose 70% Movement Speed for 2 seconds (This doesn't work if pulled by Energy Whip)]


Level 1: Deals 40[+30%INT] Spell Damage

Level 2: Deals 70[+30%INT] Spell Damage

Level 3: Deals 100[+30%INT] Spell Damage

Level 4: Deals 130[+30%INT] Spell Damage


Effect: Does decent damage. Good for laning and being defensive to kill creep waves that are about to push. In addition it combos well with Energy Whip if you want some heavy long range damage [Altho hard to aim and hit]. This ability is also spammable and can be very useful in killing creeps early game onto the creeps or neutrals. The down side is that is drains energy fairly fast and spamming of this ability will cause you to stay at low Energy which causes final to be less tanky effective.




Ability Two: Battle Mage [Passive]

"Keen has mastered the Defensive sides of the Knight and the Offensive sides of a Mage making him the an extremely durable in many situations. This gives Keen passive Spell Resistance, Passive Increase in Spell Damage. He also masters his Mana causing him to regenerate a portion of it every second. Mana Regeneration is loss if his Ultimate is Activated."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: None


Ulti Effect: [Disables Energy Regeneration. Gain 0.1% Cooldown Reduction per Agility point, Gain 0.05% Spell Damage per Strength point. Gain 0.03% Movement Speed per Intelligence.]


Level 1: Gain +6% Spell Resist. Gain +5% Spell Damage. Restore 0.75% of Missing Energy per Second.

Level 2: Gain +10% Spell Resist. Gain +10% Spell Damage. Restore 1.50% of Missing Energy per Second.

Level 3: Gain +14% Spell Resist. Gain +15% Spell Damage. Restore 2.25% of Missing Energy per Second.

Level 4: Gain +18% Spell Resist. Gain +20% Spell Damage. Restore 3.00% of Missing Energy per Second.


Effect: This is his take and sustainance ability. It restores his energy which he needs for his abilities badly. It also gives him spell resistance for his tankyness. His Spell Damage output is questionable since it isn't as heavy damage as other casters even with the Bonus Spell Damage. This Bonus spell Damage is primary to promote getting Spell Damaging Items on him. Primarily Barb Armor//Star Fury//Eletrical Mantle and Super Heated Mantle.




Ability Three: Energy Whip

"Keen targets an area and sends his whip flying to the targeted area. The whip travels at 20-unit per second and hits the first enemy OR Magical Mine it comes in contact with. If it hits an enemy, they will recieve Spell Damage and be stunned for 1 second. If it hits a Magical Mine, the whip will pull the Magical Mine back moving the opposite direction of where Keen casted. The Speed of the mine is equal to the distance between where Keen and the Magical Mine is when it was pulled. The Mine lasts 3 seconds when pulled before auto-exploding and is invulnerable during the pull. Enemies that take damage from Magical Mine will lose 60% Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 3 seconds. If Energy Whip successfully hits a Magical Mine, it's Cooldown will be reduced by Half. "

Energy Cost: 15% Maximum Energy

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: 9//10//11//12


Ulti Effect: [if Keen hits an enemy, they will be silenced for 3 seconds and take additional spell damage equal to [+5% Keen's Maximum Energy]. If Keen successfully hits a Magical Mine, the Mine lasts 4 seconds instead and the blast Radius is increased to 4-unit Radius.]


Level 1: Deals 80[+50%INT] Spell Damage. Magic Mine deals a bonus 50[+50%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 120[+50%INT] Spell Damage. Magic Mine deals a bonus 90[+50%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 160[+50%INT] Spell Damage. Magic Mine deals a bonus 130[+50%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4:Deals 200[+50%INT] Spell Damage. Magic Mine deals a bonus 170[+50%INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: This means that the first second mine is being pulled it moves the distance between you and where the mine originated. The other two seconds it is flung to the opposite direction. If you whipped a mine 10 units away, then it moves in the opposite direction at a rate of 10. [Which means that it explodes 20 units away from where Keen first hit the mine]. If you could time warp shard perfectly you could possibly get even 18 movement speed for a 36 Ranged ability if you wanted to spend the money and timed it perfectly [since whip actually is a projectile like unit since it moves and would take about 0.5 seconds to hit the mine at full range]. While the silence lasts 3 seconds, it is actually only 2 seconds since




Ultimate Ability: Energized Barrior

"Keen channels all his Energy into his armor. Because of this, Spell Damage and Physical damage done to him will burn his Energy instead of his Health until he has 0 Energy. This ability is removed once Keen hits 0 Energy. In addition, the energy is so strong that Keen can push any Unit [exclude projectiles] out of the way, even if it is a hero. [This works like Collision vs Creeps how you body can move them]. Finally, the energy burns his enemies around him causing them to take Spell Damage per second in a 3-unit Radius. During this State, Keen's Energy Whip and Magical Mines also gain an additional effect. During this state Keen has 0% Physical//Spell//True Damage Resistance. For every 1 Physical Damage he takes, he loses 1 Energy. For every 1 Spell Damage he takes, he loses 2 Energy. For every 1 True Damage he takes, he loses 3 Energy. This ability can be canceled by Keen himself."

Energy Cost: Restore 10//15//20% Maximum Energy

Cooldown: 50//40//30

Range: Self


Level 1: Lasts 4 seconds. Deals 30[+20%INT] Spell Damage per second.

Level 2: Lasts 5 seconds. Deals 40[+20%INT] Spell Damage per second.

Level 3: Lasts 6 seconds. Deals 50[+20%INT] Spell Damage per second.


Effect: An fairly good tank ability. It massively amplifies his effects too causing him to be Offensive and Defensive at the same time. This ability can easily hurt him if he takes to damage which in turn will actually disable his use of abilities which is why he can cancel to ability if he would rather take damage. While it enhances a lot of his abilities, the duration is short so you only have a small window of opportunity and can only cast the other two abilities ONCE during the ulti [if not on CD]. The Ulti itself is also a way for Keen to restore his energy as it would be nearly useless if Keen drained most of his energy during a fight and then used his ulti only for it to be removed in 1 hit. This ulti also encourages getting Energy Items which would normally be useless.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:

- (Ihan as First Item DEFINATELY).

- Nitrogen Retrofit

- Barb Armor

- Organic Carapace

- Argus Crystal

- Spell Buffer

- Yamato Reactor


Other Items:

- Lockbox

- Guardian Steel

- Khaydarin Absorber

- Super Heated Mantle

- Shrapnel Cloak

- Kenetic Battery

- Force of Entropy//Chilling Artifact Combo

- Small Hadron Collider

- Eletrical Mantle

- StarFury

- Gravity Edge




Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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I like the whip/mine mechanic, but I feel that it gives the hero a weird role. His other skills would make him a good INT tank, but he has no effective threat generators, such as massive CC or high damage.


Mines also seem like a preparation heavy skill, which isn't really fitting for a tank that should be soaking damage at the front lines.

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I like the whip/mine mechanic, but I feel that it gives the hero a weird role. His other skills would make him a good INT tank, but he has no effective threat generators, such as massive CC or high damage.


Mines also seem like a preparation heavy skill, which isn't really fitting for a tank that should be soaking damage at the front lines.

I kinda just made the Spell Damage lower because his Passive [W] gives him Spell Damage. So it kinda does normal spell damage if you are fully leveled which makes the passive primarily only give buff to Items. His mine ability is good at harassment [Toss and whip it across. Whip enemy if you need the stun and ect. He can be deadly with his ulti since he gains so much Bonus Spell Damage [With 200 STR he gains 0.05^STR X 0.2 from his [W] passive which can deal a lot of damage with super heated. His mines are thrown so you can kinda make it like a hard Skill shot. If someone is running, you throw the mine where they are going to be and it lands in their path, ect. ect.


The Hero needs kinda Tank items that deal Damage [Like Mantle and Barb and shrapnel]. Also aura items like Spell Buffer and Korhal Vanguard is useful since if you aren't targeted, your allies will have the buffs throughout the entire fight.



His mines are primarily good for control or stopping a push. Tanks are usually useless at stopping a push on a tower. Magical mines are good for killing all the spawn before they hit the tower and the enemy team can melt it. It is also good for tracing ppl. I increased the range on the throw. This allows him to lane vs creeps or to use in chasing ways. This ability can be so useful in many ways. The only part where it is not good is primarily a Team battle [which is funny the most important].

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