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duchhound products and etc.


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These are old softwares which help one's pc or laptop performance at max. :)


I always installed this on all of my windows os pc or laptop. They didn't upgrade these softwares. It is that good.


Hate blue screen of death? Install anticrash.


Lack memory? Install hare.


Problem with shutting down or loading your comp fast? Install zoom.


Using a laptop and having battery issues? Install double battery.


The mouse thing i did not install, but hey, you can get it to complete the set.


ccleaner - a basic software which helps delete and clean your system of unnecessary files. :3


northon ghost - install your os fresh, save it as ghost. burn it on a separate disk or keep it in your flashdisk or external drive. Every time you encounter shapty bugs or viruses, just reaply the ghost. Freshly installed os under 5 minutes.


hmmm... just basic stuff.

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Hmmm... seems old.


Yes, but I feel that is why it is good. If it does not require much upgrading, then the final product has tested and is proven to work over time. This is only for windows based os though. So, if you are using mac or linux, then I think another product should be used. :3

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Linux, lol [LOL]. Mac games are - well now - more or less common, but Macs' dont need anything :). Linuxs' list is shorter, but has a few nice things. Including PacMan, Tetris and Minesweeper. So we wont need your software for Linux. XD


-sorry for annoying you, but i had a good laugh at Linux games. xD

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