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Hello everyone, I just wanted to discuss the possibility of making an option to let us pre make our item builds where the recommended items are now. We can pre make talents for different Heros we play and I think it's a cool idea if we were able to do the same with our item builds as well.


Maybe just make a small tab/arrow that brings up another set of empty boxes under the recommended that we can drop our preferred items into?


A lot of new players that I give advice to don't even know where the items I tell them to get are. Even small tool tips would be neat, like "shrapnel AA counter item", "mossberg taser caster silencing item" something to let them know or have a better chance to choose the right items.


The premade build would be more for vet players who just don't want to waste the precious time in pool



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I thought we already had that feature. Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but is it bugged or removed?


what he want is just edit the recommended build, at least thats what i understood, we have over 40 heroes and 8 slots for builds, so i cant have that 36 left


it would be nice to edit them, because its just stupid taking vergil and seeing that machette/ocelot/masamune/shadowmourne/soulsilver build or machette/stunbaton/ocelot/shadowmourne/starsfury/sunflare for rancor, or that kinneticbattery/cerebro/shinkray on raynor, new players just follow that random builds and they complain why their hero is so weak, i know they should have more than 1 neuron but sometimes just telling them what to buy is usless because they even read the chat

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I think that what you want is what League has-- below each item in the recommended category it gives a tiny summary of what the item does-- for example, Doran's Shield reads something along the lines of "great early survivability".


And for this, I think that you want item's tooltips to say what their function is-- examples being, naturally;


=> Shrapnel Cloak

"Auto-Attack Counter"

=> Electric Mantle

"Auto-Attack Counter"

=> Force of Entropy

"Auto-Attacker tanky"

=> Barbed Plating

"Auto-Attack Counter"

=> Organic Carapace

"Incredible Durability"

=> Spell Buffer

"Team Durability boost"

=> Coat of Arms

"Team Offensive boost"



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