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[Item] Korhal Kiteshield


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30/03/2013: Made item

1/03/2013: Removed Guardian Steel, added Spell Buffer, changed price to compensate. Unsure of new recipe price, the components seem too expensive.

1/03/2013: Lowered Spell resist. Incrased energy regen and health to compensate.

2/03/2013: Updated Unique.




Korhal Kiteshield

Recipe Cost: 170 | Total Cost: 5000

Components: Guardian Steel [2825], Korhal Vanguard [2015]

+10 Health Regen

+5 Energy Regen

+7% Movement Speed

+20% Spell Resist

+400 Health

+5 Armor

[unique] Nearby allies gain +15% Spell and +15% Physical Damage resistance. Does not stack with Spell Buffer. Stacks with Korhal Vanguard.

[Active] Constructs a Guardian Shield around you, giving you a 10 armor boost. Any enemies who try to attack your allies will only hit them for 75% damage, while you absorb the remaining 25%. Lasts 5 seconds. Non-stackable.

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imo spell buffer and khoral, are pretty fair right now, maybe khoral could cost 900 minerals more and have 5 armor and 400 hp, but mixing both of them would be completely op unless you cant stack the auras with the other items


imagine an erekul with that item, but u also have drake in your team with spell buffer and khoral, that's too much i guess

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