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T1 Players(?)


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Wukewuke, zion, thundersticks, peons, muffinman, iown, ipwn, steeg, steeg(again), virohs, nuparu


I think ipwn should change his name to iscrub.


In fact that gives me an idea for an apple product, the iscrub, no longer suffer scrubbing your toilets with the new iscrub 2. New features include: Wireless scrubber (no more messy cords!!), a new high resolution nano scrubbing technology, and scrub 3x faster with our new range of exciting iscrub covers for only $499.99.







Edit: nvm it seems apple already bet me to it.


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Labelling people into tiers is really impossible for several reasons :

- our sample of games is too small (from a personal view), it is really rare that a player has played (or specced) enough games with a large part of the players

- hero pools (and thus roles) differ from a person to another and you can't compare a good micro and a good tosh at all for example

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If you're talking about inhouses, we'd need to be lower than that. You could consider all the pubbers in SEA inhousers since they're essentially playing amongst the same people over and over again, and it's not like team balance is that different from bad captain picking teams.

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