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Vengeance is Coming


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That video preview image... Kerrigan might need to brush her teeth. Maybe get some braces as well.


Also, brings up the question of what Kerrigan actually ate while she was Queen of Blades.


Raynor in Brood War said that he would kill her with his own hands






but after the WoL graphics improvements, he changed his mind, obviously, now he still has hope for her






as Zeratul said, Kerrigan will save the Universe, and I guess she will do it on the third game. I cant wait to play the HotS campaing

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A) Kerrigan reverts

B) The Dominion gets wtfpwned

C) Raynor gets killed

D) Kerrigan kills the Hybrid Leader or w.e

E) Duran appears out of nowhere for cameo appearance and gets killed

F) Protoss rape the Zerg right after


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